DOT OSP License Registration India Start BPO/Call Centers

According to the New Telecommunication Policy (NTP) 1999, service providers in India use mobile phones to provide services such as mobile phone, mobile phone, telecommunications, e-commerce and e-commerce. , Call Centers, Network Management Centers and other IT-enabled services. Insert. The resources are referred to as “Other Service Providers” (OSPs) Some service providers or OSPs require OSP registration with the Department of Telecommunications (DOT). In this article, we will look at the process and process of OSP registration in India.

In accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Telecom Commission in February 2000, OSP mobile resources can only be obtained from authorized service providers who are unable to provide a mobile phone. Communications departments must register OSPs using telecommunications services to provide services such as telecommunications, mobile and other IT-enabled services. As a result, the Department of Communications DOT License Registration Service India OSPs in India from the outset.

OSP registered
Service providers in India receive telecommunications, telecommunications, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-commerce, telecommunications centers, network management and other IT communications services, as well as a list of OSP registrations involved in service delivery. It’s growing. Telecommunications communication services and are not limited to OSP general telephone networks, social network networks, integrated digital services (ISDN) and / or telecommunications. These products are delivered by authorized service providers.

OSP registration required
To obtain OSP registration in India, the industry must be a separate business. Therefore, entrepreneurs starting from telecommunications or BPOs, e-commerce and other IT-enabled services must apply to a specialized agency.

Certificate to the Association of Private Limited Company
Articles of Association (MOA) and Ithaca
The authority of the signing board or attorney allows you to sign
Name a business and organized activities
List of Directors
Current stock market
The above documents must be certified by the Company Secretary or Director, Legal Representative or Public Secretary of the Company

Follow OSP registration
With the approval of the OPC registration, the license is valid for 20 years – unless otherwise stated. To maintain compliance, the dot must send a “return number” specifying each OSP and OSP status. Just a few months after the end of the financial year, submit an annual OSP license renewal fee.

In addition to the above, OSPs must comply with the requirements set by the OSP Communications Office. Detailed instructions and procedures for making OSP Registration Online and OSP operation can be downloaded here.


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