Dr.Nowhera Shaik: The Rise Of Heera Group.

Dr.Nowhera Shaik, who is known as the Iron Lady, because of her courage, resilience, persistence, and ethics. She is the CEO of Heera Group. But She did not become famous in one day. Behind her success, there is a lot of struggle, which she did from her childhood. From childhood, she got too many engagements. It has proved that, despite her financially healthy and stable family background. She loves to teach, and after 19, Nowhera Shaik started teaching six girls. Slowly the number of students increased, and in 1998 she established an educational institution for girls. 

For meeting the burgeoning cost of education of the girls and for her educational mission made Dr.Nowhera created the Heera Group.

With it, she started with gold exports and imports. The whole amount earned from the business went into meeting the costs of the girl students, such as their books, school uniforms, hostel costs, etc. It helped a lot to those who come from underprivileged backgrounds. When she understood the business strategy, Dr. Shaik expanded her business into many territories. The Heera Group is now a consortium of 20 companies dealing in diverse fields. Like food exports and supplies, gold, investment, textile, jewelry, mineral water, granite, tours and travels, real estate, electronics, e-commerce, etc.

In between 10 years, her business spread through the word, and it provided things into 50 countries worldwide. Nowadays, Heera Group is a thriving conglomerate creating hundreds of jobs for the good people of Andhra Pradesh, India, and beyond the shores in the UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and Canada. It focuses on meeting the cost of education of the girl children. Despite this, it has been contributing nearly 2% of its profits to the welfare of farmers. It also helps the rural area to develop.

According to Dr Nowhera Shaik , “Nobody has ever become poor by providing for those in need.”

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