Earning A Statistics Degree Online: Is It Worth It?

Statistics degrees have become attractive recently, as more and more individuals learn they can use these degrees to get high-paying jobs. An expert who can analyze and interpret data is very valuable! Business decisions will be made based on their analysis, and therefore they really have to know their stuff. Statisticians are highly respected, and they hold special positions in companies across industries.

And with online education, earning a statistics degree is now easier than ever before. You can pursue an online degree program from the comfort of your home. You can even get online class takers to help you when you’re caught up in a busy schedule. Here’s more on the benefits associated with studying statistics:

Job Prospects

Employment of statisticians is expected to grow 35% in the coming years, and this growth rate is higher than all the other professions. Individuals who want to enjoy fast career growth can enroll in statistics master’s programs, as these have been known to get individuals high pay after graduation. Earning an undergraduate or graduate statistics degree online is a great option for busy students who have full- or part-time work. With a degree, a graduate can become a statistician, data analyst, data engineer, professor, data scientist, marketing research manager, or senior financial analyst!


An undergraduate statistics program, one that’s delivered by a premier U.S. university, can cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000, depending on the course duration and several other factors. On the other hand, the same course can be taken online for much less. Online programs, even those offered by reputed institutions, generally cost between $10,000 and $25,000. Both online and in-person classes make use of syllabi, and many argue that the workloads are similar too.


There are plenty of job opportunities for those who earn online statistics degrees. But this does not mean you can get a degree from just any college or university. Check for accreditation before signing up for a course. Employers will only consider your qualifications and degree if they see you graduated from an accredited school. Never enroll in an online course that’s provided by an institution which lacks both recognition and reputation.

Online Tutoring

Online students lead busy lives, and many have to manage family and work responsibilities while learning online. If you’re a busy student who’s pressed for time, you can hire class help online when you need to get assignments, projects, essays, and tests done on time. Tutors can also participate in discussion boards for you.

Whenever you need help in an online class, call an online tutor and ask: “Can you take my online class for me?” An expert will be able to help you get great grades so you pass your online statistics class with flying colors!

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