Effective Ways to Look Like a Vampire

Whether you’re just dressing up for a party or want to adopt the vampire style permanently, adopting the vampire look can be fun and something of an art form. Wearing just a gothic blouse and a gothic cape may not be enough always. For that perfect touch, all you need is the perfect makeup and accessories. If you are planning to incorporate it in your everyday look, give yourself some extra time.

Prepare your face like a vampire

Pale skin: Vampires come out only at night and are supposedly undead. This means their skin is paler than that of the humans. For a paler complexion, use a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your skin, and use the thicker foundation.

Apply foundation in the centre of your face and move towards the jawline. Blend using a brush or your fingers, whatever the foundation directs you to do.

Use dark eyeliner: Vampires are very dramatic, the way they look and dress. Since vampires can be hundreds of years of age, you may want to create a look that probably no one around you has seen. A dark eyeliner and eyeshadows will be enough to pull off the right look.

Apply eyeliner and use a little dark purple eye shadow and apply loads of black mascara. This will help your eyes look vibrant and “pop” a little more than normal. This will give the dramatic look you are looking for.

A light red eye shadow around the eyes is also quite good, hinting at you “the vampire” looking undead or bloody.

For a more dramatic look, use the darker eye shadow on the eyelids and the lighter eye shadow beneath your eyes.

Blood red lips: The lips are typically, the most vibrant part of that perfect vampire look. Depending on your complexion and the look you intend to create, apply something between a bright red and blood red.

Everyday Vampire look

Wear dark-coloured clothes: Dark colours are Gothic colours, the colours of a vampire’s clothes. When you look for outfits in your closet, try and avoid attires with warm, bright, shiny, or pastel colors. Instead choose outfits that are dark and solid. All you want to do is look like a creature of the night.

Go for simple black tees and shirts. Black t-shirt and goth trousers are a great everyday vampire look.

You don’t have to wear black only. A little bit of colour can work as well. Dark purples, greens, maroons and navy blues are just as good as black.

Dress up:  An old, formal, Victorian style is another vampire look. Dress as if you are ready to go out for a night to the town. Wearing dark coloured, elaborate, old fashioned clothes, that may seem out-of-date, are a good choice to give an impression of the undead.

For women, fancy black skirts, gothic blouses, black or red tops with bell sleeves, corset tops, frilly black dresses are great for a vampire style.

For men, try a dark suit overcoat or jacket with antique buttons. Wear dark gothic trousers with a white buttoned up shirt for the perfect vampire style. And then the gothic cape is always there to accessorise.

Have some “everyday” vampire clothes in your wardrobe: You probably would not like to dress up every day like you’re headed to a funeral. Black skinny jeans with a black, purple or red top will help you create a more comfortable and contemporary vampire look.

This look calls for the right shoes: Vampires obviously won’t run around in sneakers or tennis shoes. You need the right kind of formal shoes to pull off the perfect look.

For boys, Chunky boots for are always the best bet. For girls, shoes should be dressy and dark. Spiked flats or small heels will work too. For both the sexes, Doc Martens will work fine.

Practicality in dressing: Just because you want to look like a vampire doesn’t mean that you would not keep in mind the current weather situation or the dress code of your school.

While it’s cold outside, vampires can wear long velvet cloaks in black or red, or a combination of both, a leather jacket or black trench coat.

When it’s hot, you’ll probably have to keep it easy with a lighter makeup and thin layers. Just try to stick to black clothes and stay inside.

Also, wear a few accessories like pocket watches, antique brooches, canes, amulets, ornate jewelleries and so on, and have your vampire look, ON POINT!

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