Electrotherapy-A Therapy and More

Impulse transmission and electricity are key components of all living things. Without the even transmission of electric current, impulses and ions, the body’s reaction and metabolism would be retarded greatly. The human body was designed to effortlessly coordinate its neural activity and transmit impulses all around the body.

However, most persons, lack a good neural system and transmission of impulses around the body is often halted or retarded, this, in turn, leads to body weakness and other severe health risks.

The good news is that this underlying condition can be effectively treated and patients well catered for and that with the aid of electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy refers to the generation and transfer of electric impulses into the body. Unlike the intake of high dose vitamin C, the impulses are generated from sources outside the body such as electrodes. Electric pads etc.

The Electrotherapy-Understanding How it Works

Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy and impulses for medical and therapeutic purposes. The whole therapeutic process starts from the generation of impulses, which is spread across the entire body system. These impulses run through the body as electromagnetic waves and electric current, which are passed through a network of nerve cells until it reaches its desired destination.

In electrotherapy, a direct electric current is used to propel metabolic activities in the body. This therapeutic process helps in strengthening the body muscles and stimulates biochemical reactions in the body.

How it works

This therapeutic process requires an outer source that supplies electrical impulses throughout the body. Usually, battery devices are often very reliable, because of their potential energy and ability to store up energy for a long while. Also, the electrical plates and rods are reliable energy sources, that supplies impulses throughout the body.

Today there are more sophisticated modes and techniques of electrotherapy. Lots of Medical devices have replaced the crude electrodes and electric plate, making this therapeutic process easier and efficient.

Merits of Electrotherapy

The value of this therapeutic process cannot be estimated. From its impact on wellness to its rehabilitation ability, an electrotherapy is an important tool in the furtherance of quality healthcare. Its benefits are numerous to mention, however below are a few;

  • It aids the proliferation of the bone tissue and stimulates bone growth
  • It helps in the treatment of all sought of nerve pain, by boosting the nervous activity of the body.
  • A powerful pain relief, especially for cancer patients
  • First-line nerve stimulator, that accelerates the electrical activity in the nervous system
  • Enhances the rapid healing of damaged tissues and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Drug-free route of application; does not require tablets, pills etc.

Forms of the Electrotherapy

Electrophoresis therapy comes in different forms and has different features.  The different forms of electrotherapy can be used to treat chronic pains and severe health challenges.

However, these varying forms give the physician the luxury to select the best tool for a particular disease condition. 

Below are a few different forms of electrotherapy;

  • Interferential

This involves the use of interferential electric waves to stimulate the body. This wave usually moves at Low-Frequency, slowly stimulating and circulating impulses throughout the nervous system.

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

This specialized form of electrotherapy uses semi-batteries and electric pads to generate electric current. These impulses are directly sent into the nervous system at high frequencies.

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulations

The treatment of musculoskeletal pain is often a difficult task because it requires the spontaneous firing of neurons.

In this therapeutic process, electric current are been relayed from the motor neural system to the muscles, to relieve pain and strengthen the whole muscular network.

  • Percutaneous electrical nerves stimulation

This form of electrotherapy prioritizes the stimulation of impulses through the skin. It penetrates the skin through the use of needlelike electrodes. This electrode passes electric current throughout the body.

  • High Voltage

 High voltage stimulation is an electrical form of generating impulses, used to stimulate tissues. This form of stimulation influences the body positively by soothing the pain receptor and thus decreasing the pain in the body. It also helps in reducing swelling, muscles pain, and facilitating the healing process in the body

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