Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring Collection

Let’s first know a bit about Elizabeth Taylor. On February 27, 1932, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born in London, United Kingdom. She has always desired to develop her acting versatility. Elizabeth Taylor has participated in several charitable efforts to help the sick. She has operated her business in the US in order to support those who are underprivileged.

She had a lot of talent and took her profession extremely seriously. She consistently strived to give greater performances in the movies. Additionally, in 2001, Elizabeth Taylor received the Presidential Award from President Bill Clinton of the United States. In her brief acting career, she also won several awards and honors.

Elizabeth”s Engagement Ring Collection :

1. Conard Hilton Jr.’S Platinum Ring To Elizabeth Taylor:-

Elizabeth Taylor became engaged to Conard Hilton Jr. in 1951 when she was 18 years old. A 4-carat diamond and platinum ring were used to make the proposal. This platinum ring looks really elegant. We are aware of Elizabeth Taylor’s impeccable choice of engagement rings. She spent $10,000 on her first engagement ring as a result.

2. Micheal Wilding’s Engagement Ring To Liz Taylor:-

Elizabeth Taylor got engaged to Michael Wilding in 1952, a year after her first marriage (English Actor). Her Sapphire Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring, which has a Marvelous bright aspect, was given to her by Michael Wilding. Due to its construction, this Sapphire was quite enormous


Here in this post, we have covered only two of her top 8 engagement rings. If you want to see all the eight rings of her stunning collection, and also want to know about her early and marriage life. Then we have already prepared a perfect article for you just simply click on the link and read.

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