Espresso Roast Vs Filter Roast

Do you love to kickstart your day with a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee? True, we feel that there’s no better way to start a day than with a cup of coffee. If you’re a hardcore coffee connoisseur, you’ll enjoy making fresh brew from espresso ground coffee or even prepare it from scratch using the best espresso beans. You’ll need a well-designed coffee roaster to get maximum extract from the espresso coffee beans.


Espresso Roast and Filter Roast

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee roast profiles across the world. The brewing method involves passing high pressure water through finely-ground espresso coffee beans. It’s then roasted at high temperatures. The resultant brew is slightly bitter, lightly tarty with a sweet finish. Generally dark beans are used for preparing espresso roast. When you brew the coffee, a creamy layer will rise to the top.


Characteristics of espresso roast:

  • Longer roasting makes espresso grounds more soluble in water
  • The brew has a balance of the flavours
  • It has higher amount of dissolved solids


Filter roast

Filter coffee is easy to prepare at home. You can use a coffee percolator or filter paper to prepare filter coffee. This type of brewing method uses gravity and not pressure. Add ground coffee to the perforated coffee filter or a filter paper and pour hot water over it. The filtered brew drips into the cup placed below. 


Green beans are roasted at low heat to prepare the filter ground. The heat is stopped with the first crack of the roasted beans.


Characteristics of filter roast

  • Roasted in less heat for a shorter time
  • The brew has a sweetish flavour


Why Does Coffee Need to Be Roasted Differently?

Green coffee beans can be stored for long. However, to bring out the flavour and aroma locked in the green coffee beans, we need to roast them. The unique aroma and taste of each type of coffee depends on three major factors – roast degree, roast time, and roaster designs

Roast degree – Light roasted beans have an acidic tang while dark roasted beans are more bitter

Roast time – The roasting time is determined based on the flavours that you want to bring out from the coffee beans. Fast roasting brings out the fruity, chocolatey and nutty flavours of coffee beans, but makes it more acidic. Slow roasting is done while preparing low acidic coffee.

Roaster design – The design of the roaster has a direct effect on the coffee flavour and intensity. A drum roaster is used for slow roasting. Fluidized bed roasters are generally used for fast roasting. 


Which Coffee is Best: Espresso or Filter Roast?

We are of the opinion that all coffee brews are the best. Some people like the bitter wholesome flavour of espresso. On the other hand, there are numerous people who like the slightly sweetened filter roast. However, you need the best espresso coffee beans and the best coffee roasters to prepare the perfect cup of this beverage.



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