“Essential nutrients for men to fight infertility “

Essential nutrients for men to fight infertility When you are fighting infertility through your diet, “egg” is not the only answer. In about half of infertile couples, there is a male factor contributing to infertility. Infertility specialists explain how making better food choices and staying active can improve your overall health, including your chances of becoming a father. Studies reveal that vitamins and supplements can help fight infertility. Here are some essential nutrients that a male partner should consume. 1. Zinc: Zinc is a nutrient that contributes to the assembly of semen and production of testosterone in men. It impacts both the quantity and productivity of sperms. Men should keep the dietary allowance of 15 mg of zinc daily. Zinc is found naturally in green vegetables, eggs, whole grains, nuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon, edible fruit, onions, beetroot, peas and beans. 2. VITAMIN C: Vitamin C helps improve sperm count and avoids clumping of sperms together. One can consume vitamin C through vegetables and fruits in particular: strawberries, oranges, kiwi, mangoes, and blueberries. 3. VITAMIN E: Studies show that vitamin E increases sperm quality—especially when combined with selenium. Sources of vitamin E are animal oil, Vegetable oils (such as nutriment, sunflower, safflower, corn, and soybean oils), nuts (such as almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts/filberts), seeds (such as sunflower seeds), green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli) 4. OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: Studies show that Omega 3 fatty acids enhance sperm quality and viability. All of these nutrients can help improve sperm production and performance. Men should ensure that they are getting their recommended daily doses. If you’ve got any fertility-related queries or if you are facing infertility challenges, consult our fertility specialists at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, which is functioning now at five branches in Bangalore. You can choose any of our centres for consultation and treatment, as per your convenience. For more information Visit: www.garbhagudi.com Call: 888 000 0909 Email: dreams@garbhagudi.com

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