Essential Pistol Accessories for All Shooters

Pistol owners are a varied bunch. Some are historical collectors. Some are reenactors. Some are competitive shooters while others carry for personal protection. Still others take advantage of the fact that some states allow for limited handgun hunting.

Then there are the preferences that every shooter has. Some prefer black powder revolvers, others prefer the smooth action of an M1911. Some carry hammerless wheel guns because you just can’t beat the reliable operation and speed of a light revolver. There might even be some competitors who use single shot pistols designed to shoot heavier rounds.

Diverse though they may be, the pistol accessories that are valuable to them don’t really change. These are the essentials, all of which you can conveniently find online at

– Holsters: Carrying a pistol is basically impossible without a holster. Though it’s possible, it’s also impractical without a holster that is well designed for the firearm in question. A holster should fit the firearm securely, eliminate access to the trigger, and allow for safe and secure drawing and reholstering. It should also sit securely on your body, whether it is a hip holster, an underarm holster, or some other variant.

– Spare magazines: Magazine fed pistols are single-shot platforms without a good, working magazine, but the replacement of a failing piece of equipment is not the reason for every purchase of a pistol mag. Maybe your pistol came with a factory mag that only holds 10 rounds but is compatible with aftermarket mags that hold 15 or 17 or even more. The only way to bring a semi-automatic platform that kind of functionality is with a new, larger mag. By the way, spare magazine pouches also belong on this list because they give you a place to keep your essential spare mags.

– Sights: Not all firearms have sights that can easily be replaced or even adjusted, but many do. That may be the reason for the peculiar observation that some used guns are sold with their factory sights inexplicably missing. In many cases a special screw fastener and a new sight fixture is all that’s needed to make the repair, but you’ll still have to locate them. That’s why sights are tops on this list of pistol accessories.

– Attachments: Some shooters also prefer the use of attachments like scopes, red dot sights, laser sights and tactical lights. These can be mounted everywhere to the top of the slide to the side of the frame to the bottom of the trigger guard, but again, to complete the ensemble, you’ll need to be able to find them.

– Spare parts: Pistol parts are not glamorous or exciting the way that attachments can be, but without them, you can’t make necessary repairs or replacements. That makes them crucial to gun ownership.

– Cleaning accessories: Cleaning accessories like cleaning rods, brushes, jags, patches and solvents are no more glorious or exciting than pistol parts, but they are equally essential to keeping a firearm operable. If you make a habit of using your firearm frequently, whether in the field or at the range, make a new habit of keeping it bright and clean. It’ll last longer and keep it’s value. Plus, it’s pride of ownership; just keep the thing clean.

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