Essential Tips to Ensure Smooth Functioning Of Your Gate

An automatic gate system provides convenience, security and adds a class to the property. It makes sure your property remains safe from intruders and other potential risks. However, it’s shocking that most property owners overlook the maintenance and repair of the gate systems after installing them. Like cars and electric appliances, automatic gate systems also require timely maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper functioning. Proper maintenance and repair help them operate well and increase their lifespan. Here are a few essential maintenance tips to help ensure that your gate lasts longer without any issue.


Preventing the Insects

Insects and birds often cause damage to the electrical equipment that is installed outside. Even the spider web’s moisture can cause massive damage to the circuit board. Bees and ants also help in the damage of circuits of the gate opener. It’s always better to check the proper sealing of circuit board closure and cable holes to prevent insects from entering the circuit board. Moreover, ants and insects can help damage the internal circuits of the automatic gate systems, so it’s better to keep an eye to prevent any mishap. However, when you install Appolo Gate opener, LiftMaster Gate opener, their professionals provide a protective coating to the circuit boards and keep the enclosure more secure to prevent the entries of insects. So it’s always good to provide the proper sealing to the circuit boards enclosure and cable entries.


Ensure Proper Cleaning

Your automatic gate system will last longer if you provide them proper cleaning and sealing. If you are using a wooden gate, then it’s always better to provide them resealing with Osmo UV protection.

Professional and certified gate installation and repair companies use hot dipped galvanized wrought iron in the gates and fences to protect them from rusting. Hot dipped galvanized wrought iron also requires the least maintenance and lasts longer than other gates. Providing regular waxing and cleaning to the gate make them beautiful and well-maintained. Plus, you have to make sure the photocells are free from dust, bushes, debris, etc. If the photocells are covered, they might affect the proper functioning of the gate. Moreover, you can also clean the photocells using a wet cloth.


Provide Proper Lubrication

If your gate doesn’t include sealed bearing hinges, you must provide the proper lubrication using good quality grease. Using grease will keep the opening and closing more smooth. Appolo swing Gate openers and LiftMaster slide Gate openers use internal chains; these chains require proper lubrication with time to ensure proper working.


Quality Of Gate System

The quality of the automatic gate system also helps decide the repair and maintenance requirements of the system. A cheap and poor-quality gate system often requires more service and maintenance than a high-quality system. A good and high-quality automatic gate system is installed with properly sealed circuits, lubricated bearings, and high-quality hinges. Using the high-quality material and technology in the gate makes it protected from damages and ensures its longevity. So when you decide you install an automatic gate system, consider choosing a trusted and professional gate installation and repair company.


Check the Auto-Reverse Function

Lastly, it’s essential to check the proper auto-reverse function of the automatic gate system once a month. It helps ensure the flexibility and smooth working of the automatic gate system. You can quickly check the auto-reverse function by yourself. You can use a piece of wood and put it across the entry when the gate is open. You have to make sure the piece of wood stops the door from closing accurately. Now, you have to close the door and let the gate contact the wood. If your automatic door is in good condition, it will reverse its motion after contacting the wood piece. After that, the gate will return to the open position. 


Prevent Rust

If you have an automatic gate system, it’s essential to check for rust in the gate system regularly. Rust can occur in the metal parts of the automatic gate system due to atmospheric conditions and can damage the quality of the gate. You can use mild detergents to clean the rusty areas to minimize the effect. Moreover, you can use sandpaper on the metal portion of the gate system to minimize the effect of severe damage by rust.


So here are a few maintenance tips that will help you ensure the proper working and functionality of your automatic gate system! So keep them well-maintained and clean to avoid damages and more costly repairs!

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