In the present scenario, feminine hygiene is a trending topic that is making waves with the introduction of reusable sanitary pads which ensure to maintain good menstrual health and hygiene among women.

Menstrual reusable sanitary pads are reusable cloth menstrual pads that serve the purpose of absorbing menstrual flow during your menstrual cycles. They could be used for about four to five hours without frequent change; however, depending on your menstrual flow.

Reusable sanitary pads would require a good wash and have to be well-dried before reuse of the same pad again. These super pads contain several absorbent layers of cotton, hemp, or bamboo, without the use of any harmful chemicals that could harm your skin and cause infections and skin allergies.

Everything you need to know about reusable sanitary pads and why washable sanitary pads might be a good fit for you is mentioned below:

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are environment-friendly. During a lifetime, a woman will use about 12,000 sanitary pads which are not biodegradable and would take several decades to decompose. Hence, we end up generating a lot of toxins that contaminate the environment.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are skin-friendly. They are free from chemicals that harm your skin such as plastics, artificial fragrances, chemical gels, and adhesives; hence, you will not feel itchy and it is good for your body.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are incredibly soft, comfortable, and convenient for use keeping in mind the young women who need a frequent change of menstrual products during their menstrual cycles. These sanitary pads can stay on for about four to five hours depending on the kind of flow; whether heavy or light.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are not just eco-friendly but are also wallet-friendly as they can easily last up to four or five years if they are well-maintained and kept in good condition. Most women have reported that their pads have lasted much longer.

You could order reusable cloth sanitary pads online at an affordable price on StoneSoup.

Reusable cloth sanitary pads are best suitable for women with any skin type, more so advantageous in women with sensitive skin. They are chemical-free, hypoallergenic, bleach-free, and are usually made from breathable cloth; your sensitive skin gets a chance to breathe; hence, preventing a skin rash from developing. The reusable pads keep you well-prepared for the arrival of every menstrual cycle as they are handy, and easy-fit, and you could just wash them and keep them in your bags or purses even when outdoors.

Prevents bad odor: The benefit of using washable cloth sanitary pads is that they stay a lot fresher as the fabric is breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate; thereby, preventing the growth of bacteria. This avoids bad odor.

**Reusable pads have a washable holder that snaps around the crotch piece of your undergarment. You just need to toss the fabric into the wash to clean it.

Washable sanitary pads from StoneSoup are the best reusable menstrual pads, that are economical, absorbent, hypoallergenic, foldable, compact to carry, and easy to maintain. They can be hand-washed or machine-washed, leak-proof, rash-free, easy-to-use, and waste-free.

Switching to reusable sanitary pads will ensure safe, happy, stress-free, and reliable menstrual protection for many years to come.


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