Excellent B2B Prospecting Tools for Lead Nurturing

Sales representatives have an insight into the problems faced by them during lead prospecting. An extensive number of sales experts can recognize that the B2B prospecting has demonstrated to be the most testing aspect of their responsibilities. 

As per a survey – a salesperson gives their 1 or 2 days per week managing their weekly outreach, and 8 hours per week logging CRM activities, answering B2B sales questions, working on their scripts, or handling their sales pipeline. So, it means a very small amount of time is actually spent on the “real selling work”. 

B2B Prospecting Tools helps you to send the bulk of emails in one go. You can design creative and appealing emails easily with the multiple features available on these tools. 

By handling the performance of the campaigns to check who has responded or even opened the message, you can automate most of your tedious tasks with these tools. 

Below discussed are the most utilized B2B prospecting tools, which will help you nurture the leads effortlessly. 

#1. Soleadify 

Soleadify is the B2B lead generation tool that supports you by discovering high-quality leads within 60 seconds of your search. This tool has different search filter options through which you can search for leads as per your requirement. You can find the contact details of companies and their employees, a list of technologies used, and more. 

#2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s lead prospecting is generally great. Pipedrive interfaces your emails and contacts, so you’re never befuddled about who the possibility is, who is reaching you and what stage they are at in the business cycle. 

With Pipedrive, you can find out who has opened your messages and who has responded to them. 

This software can do lead scoring for you and even its AI bot collects the information of people who open your emails. 

#3. Insightly 

The incredible thing about Insightly is that it can without much of an issue connect bulk email with your lead information base, and to do this you will not need any tech ability.

The product additionally tracks messages to inform you as to whether leads are opening them, or in the event that they’re simply not intrigued, and thus you should remove them from your base. It likewise presents 100 email layouts so you can give pleasant replies to your qualified leads. 

#4. Zoho CRM

The most amazing thing about Zoho is the simple workflow it provides. It helps you in doing the lead mapping so that you can map out your position in the pipeline. 

You will also be able to identify what to do next with the respective lead, whether you want to do more nurturing or setting an appointment for qualification. 

This tool also provides great B2B sales tips. When you opt for the Zoho professional version, it gives you the option to produce more leads from your social media pages. 

#5. Salesforce CRM

It is an outstanding sales research tool available in the market. It provides multiple tools for any CRM related work and prospecting. You can send multiple emails to your prospects mentioned in your list. You can customize their message with different designs and templates. 

#6. AngelList

When AngelList started, it used to provide business lists to startups but then it started providing prospecting services too. You can find numerous contact details of your target business contacts. It gives a company filtering tool according to your need. 

#7. Leadberry 

This tool supports you in converting your website visitors into sales leads. Leadberry supports you in finding the businesses that come to your website. It gets company & people contact data, generate custom reports, display visitor metrics, and alerts.

#8. Jumplead

With Jumplead, you can connect live chat, visitor information, and lead forms & landing pages within one system. You can nurture your website visitors into leads by sending continuous emails without any load. 

#9. Growbots

Growbots has a database of more than 200 million contacts. You can contact the best leads and then follow-up automatically. This tool also offers the testing option so that you check which method is working best and which is not. 

You can ask for a free demo from their sales team but for some time with limited options, for more features, you will have to buy their premium version. 

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