Exercise and Cognitive Function

The decline in cognitive function is a serious issue for a lot of seniors. As the number of seniors is increasing, experts are worried that it will be a larger health issue for the public. The indicators of declining cognitive function are disorientation and slow thinking and difficulties concentration or retaining memories. Some older adults experience mild cognitive impairment. But in the case of other people who show these signs could be an indication of a disease that is progressive like Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

The Prevalence and Impact of Cognitive Decline

Based on research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the CDC discovered that about one out of nine adults within the US (or 11 percent) had signs of degenerative cognitive signs. In the year 2020, it was believed that 5.8 million Americans suffered from Alzheimer’s, a figure that is expected to increase significantly in the next few years.

Cognitive decline functioning and the progression of dementia may be a huge negative influence on the health of older adults and quality of life. In many instances, those with cognitive impairments will less likely to be able routine tasks such as daily activities or self-care, which can as a result, can cause them to become unable or even difficult to lead a normal life. In some instances, the decline in cognitive capacity has been linked with a lower quality of life particularly for those who have chronic health problems.

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

There is no cure for cognitive decline or dementia that occurs due to age but there are treatments that can help manage or delay the development of Alzheimer’s. Research suggests the possibility that physical activity aspect of life could be an important factor in helping people preserve or recover their cognitive function as they get older. Here’s a quick summary of how exercise can help you stay alert all through your golden years.

Exercise Helps Preserve Memory

As we age, the hippocampus (the brain area which is responsible for memories) can shrink. Brain scans have shown that those who exercise regularly saw average increase in the size of their hippocampus. This may be due to the fact that exercise results in an increase in the concentration of a specific protein known as”the brain-derived neurotrophic factor” (BDNF). BDNF assists in the development process and connects neurons, and has been associated with memory and learning processes.

A recent study of 28 research studies found that moderate intensity exercise “significantly enhances WM [working memory]of older adults. ” Researchers have discovered the results to be relevant across a wide range of intervention timeframes that can be shorter than 8 weeks.

Exercise Can Reduce Risk of Dementia

In addition to helping retain memory, exercising regularly can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia. Regular exercise in their middle age, for example have a 30% lower risk of developing dementia as well as a 45 per cent decrease in chance that they will be identified with the disease Alzheimer’s.

Additionally to those who already suffer from cognitive decline exercising regularly can aid in reducing the severity of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s or slow down the progression of the Alzheimer’s condition. Research suggests that physical activity creates a peptide called the irisin which can assist in reducing inflammation of neurons. The process of neuroinflammation is thought to be a characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. decreasing its effects could have beneficial effects on the brain.

It Improves Cognitive Function

If you’re a lover of of tennis and Tai Chi (or both! ) There’s a good reason to be happy. fitness and cognitive function via the ability to focus selectively as well as the ability to think and inhibition as well as visuospatial acuity are in a strong relationship.

It’s interesting to consider that a previous study showed that different types of exercise may provide distinct benefits. Researchers evaluated the benefits of exercising in open- and close-skilled types of exercise. Open-skilled activities are the type of exercise that takes place within the environment which is dynamic and requires participants to react to stimuli in a dynamic manner (like tennis, for instance, or other forms of sports that require multiplayer). However, closed-skilled exercises typically requires specific, repetitive activities and doesn’t require that participants be responsive to changes in their context (for instance, swimming in the pool and jogging, and Tai Chi).

The study revealed that those who participated in activities that were open-skilled experienced significant improvements on the levels of selective attention and inhibition as well as cognitive flexibility. The group that was closed-skilled was significantly better in the areas of selective attention and visuospatial awareness.

How Much Exercise Do Seniors Need?

Experts agree generally speaking, any fitness is more health beneficial than none. Even if you’re unable to find time or energy for a quick workout or walk, it’s still worth doing.

To ensure the highest quality results to get the most effective outcomes, CDC suggests seniors get around 150 hours of moderate workout every week, as well as 75 minutes of intense intensity. The most effective exercise routine for seniors includes moderate or vigorous intensity aerobics (for example, running or walking) and exercises that build muscle (such lifting weights or making use of bands for resistance) and exercises for balance.

Seabury Seabury want to help our residents maintain their physical and mental well-being.

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