Explaining the Significance of Snow Guards for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

There is a good chance that anyone reading this article came across it in one of two ways. The first, the more obvious and likely of the two, is that you saw the impressively long term “snow guards for standing seam metal roofs” and are digging up some information on what all of those words mean. The other situation is that you saw these interesting figures up near the edge of a metal roof and are getting to the bottom of what they are.

In the first instance we can break down the meaning and matter of snow guards for standing seam metal roofs almost to the letter of the word. We’ll start with a short explanation of what standing seam metal roofs are.

Understandably, metal roofs are roofs that are finished with sheet metal as the roofing material. In the United States, it is a common practice to roof large commercial and industrial buildings with sheet metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum or copper. Not only can it be done on a relatively cost-effective basis, but sheet metal is easy to work with the right tools, can be used to cover a large area, lasts a long time, repulses the elements, and can be finished with watertight seams.

That brings up standing seams. Metal roofs are seamed in a variety of ways, simply because of the fact that where two portions of sheet metal come together, they need to be finished in a weatherproof fashion. They can’t simply be overlapped. There are a number of methods for creating finished, sealed seams, and one of them is known as a standing seam.

Standing seams are seams that “stand” above the level of the flat surface of the sheet metal panels that compose the roofing. At their edges, panels with standing seams are raised where they come together; these types of seams offer a unique value to roofers because they enable the panels to be fastened in such a manner that the fasteners used are completely shielded from moisture and the elements. This creates a very durable, watertight seam that will last for many years when done properly.

Now, for the snow guard portion of the query; for those of you that got here in a roundabout fashion after seeing those odd, spike-like structures sticking up from the metal roof panels of some nearby buildings, those are snow guards.

Snow guards are a critical component of snow retention systems that are vital for metal roofs and other types of roofs where snow can accumulate in dangerous quantities. Without a system in place to prevent this snow from falling off the roof, it will slide off as the weather warms up, which presents a unique danger to property and passersby below.

Snow guards for standing seam metal roofs are spike-like, sometimes ornamental pieces of hardware that are affixed to standing seam panels to “lock” snow in place. Depending on the size of the roof, they may only be present low on the roof by the eaves, but oftentimes they are strategically staggered across more of its surface.

As snow falls on the roof and then melts and refreezes, it will be locked in place by these fixtures. They “hold onto” the snow and so they prevent large aggregated sheets of snow and ice from sliding off of the roof and presenting a hazard. As a critical component of a snow retention system, snow guards are crucial to security and safeguarding people and property.

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