Explore assortments of patterns available in the window curtains

Curtains are indeed a significant part of your home décor. They add elegance to your home if chosen wisely. Besides considering factors like color, fabric, length, and lining, deciding on the right pattern that suits your requirements and reflect your personality is equally important. In this guide, you will explore various unique designs available for the better homes with window curtains in Calabasas. So, let’s begin.


Here are the key patterns available for window curtains;


  • Solid curtains– Solid curtains are considered the safest option as they don’t have many designs and patterns. You don’t need expert advice or to do brainstorming to match with the interior of your home. They suit every home décor. Still, a few things you need to take into accounts. For instance, if you want to blend the window curtains with your home, pick darker colors than the walls. The color-coordination creates a soft and pleasant look for any home décor.


  • Patterned curtains– Patterned curtains are almost everyone’s favorite. They quickly draw the attention. However, strictly avoid patterned curtains if the patterned wallpapers are installed in your room, and you have patterned furniture. In that case, choose small and neutral designs with dots and circles. If you want a more contemporary look, choose geometrical and strips shapes. If it is a smaller room, choose vertical stripes as they make the ceiling look taller.


  • Blackout curtains– These curtains are usually chosen to protect against outside light and keep the room cool. You can create a royal look by selecting the blackout curtains designed using silk or satin. Blackout curtains refer to curtains made up of opaque fabric that does not allow the light to pass through it. Blackout curtains are usually found in hotel rooms to maintain the guest’s privacy. Therefore, if you want to add privacy to a room with a completely dark room to sleep well, blackout curtains are perfect for you.


  • Sheer curtains– This is absolutely a contemporary pattern and a must-try pattern. They are completely used for decorative purposes. Remember, they don’t provide block out light. It means they do not offer privacy, but surely they add some calm to a room. Blending sheer curtains with blinds or shutters can be a great idea to create a unique look. If you have an ultra-modern interior, give it an additional edge by installing sheer curtains.


  • Palmets– Palmets are usually made out of plywood in a box-shaped with decorative fabrics. This curtain pattern is used in huge halls with less furniture. It has a long and multi-layered curtain that can be sheer or blackout curtains. This pattern aims to hide the curtains fixtures and make the flow of pleats look modern and aesthetically appealing.


  • Valances– These are usually designed for bathroom and kitchen areas where you want to cover only the uppermost part of the window to stop direct sun rays from entering. They are softer in appearance with pleated headings. They are hanged to the rods with clip rings. You have the option to choose softer valance and pleated valances. Pleated valances are more formal and traditional, hanged over the window. It is attached to the window using an L-shaped rod.


  • Rod pocket– It offers a casual look and is recommended for the people who don’t open and close the curtain too often. The curtain itself makes a loop to slide through the rods. Rod pocket is an informal style of curtains and is considered suitable for fabrics of all weights. They have a neat folded appearance and hang evenly.


  • Eyelet Pocket– These curtains freely move on the metal rod. Eyelet pocket include silver rings covered with the fabric that a rod move through. As it can easily move on the road, it can also be used in kid’s rooms. Light and medium weight fabrics are used to design the eyelet fabrics. If you choose the right material and designs, it can be used in a lounge as well.


Final words

Options for curtains and custom draperies window treatments in Calabasas are endless. Color and texture are few basic things you need to keep in mind while selecting the right window curtain patterns. Texture completely depends on the interior of your room. If it is formal décor, then choose for silky or velvet curtains. However, if your room décor is casual, you can pick crinkly crushed velvet. 


You can choose a cotton curtain that works with all types of décor and remains easy to wash as well. Likewise, when it comes to choosing color, first determine where you want to install the curtains. If the room has a lot of lights, then avoid curtains with bright colors. And if the room décor is dark, choose blue or pink to give a neat look.


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