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With Tour De Sundarbans, you can take an enthralling trip into the heart of nature’s masterpiece, where each sundarban package tours is designed to reveal the secrets of the Sundarbans. This UNESCO World Heritage Sundarban package tours which is tucked away at the meeting point of several rivers, is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the famous Royal Bengal Tigers that rule the mangrove forests. Adventurers, animal lovers, and those interested in culture are all invited to Tour De Sundarbans to discover the captivating scenery and dynamic local culture that characterize this exceptional delta. 


The Sundarban packages offer the ideal balance of adventure and relaxation, from customized boat cruises to deeply immersive cultural experiences, guaranteeing an incredible journey into one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. Hence read the following article till the end if you want to know all about Tour De Sundarbans sundarban tour booking.

1 Day Sundarbans Sundarban Package Tours

Travel Itinerary

Embarking on a 1-day Sundarbans tour offers a glimpse into the enchanting mangrove forest and its vibrant wildlife. The adventure begins with a pick-up from anywhere in Kolkata, followed by a scenic 3-hour drive to the last road point.


  • Boat Safari: Board a safari boat equipped with amenities such as a washroom, kitchen, and upper and lower decks. Cruise through the Sajnekhali Forest office to obtain permits for the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, passing local villages and mangrove jungles.
  • Wildlife Spotting: Experience the thrill of spotting diverse bird species, including seven types of kingfishers, sandpipers, egrets, cormorants, and herons.
  • Safari Exploration: Despite time constraints, the tour aims to cover two designated channels and two watchtowers during the 6 to 8-hour safari.
  • Delicious Meals: Enjoy freshly cooked breakfast and lunch on the boat, offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
  • Return Journey: Depart for Kolkata after the tour, culminating the day’s adventure.

Sundarbans in a Nutshell: 1 Night 2 Days Sundarban Tour Booking

Travel Itinerary

Embark on a deeper exploration with a 1-night, 2-days tour that unveils the richness of Sundarbans’ biodiversity.


  • Journey to Godkhali: Depart from Kolkata, either by car or van, towards Godkhali—the last road point before entering Sundarbans.
  • Breakfast and Arrival: Enjoy a breakfast of veg sandwiches and choose between two routes to reach the eco village on Satjelia Island.
  • Eco Village Experience: Immerse yourself in the local culture with a walk through paddy fields, village exploration, and a country boat ride for bird watching.
  • Sunset and Evening Activities: Witness a picturesque sunset, followed by black tea, freshly fried veg pakoras, local music sessions, and a play called ‘Bonobibi Pala’ depicting the jungle Goddess and the Tiger incarnation.
  • Dinner and Surprise Activity: Engage in a surprise activity, optional but highly recommended, enhancing your connection with Sundarbans’ natural wonders.
  • Day 2 Boat Cruise: Begin a boat cruise as early as 6:30 am, visiting watchtowers like Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki.
  • Wildlife Exploration: Cruise through channels and creeks, attempting to spot various wildlife, including the royal Bengal tiger.
  • Snacks, Tea, and Return: Enjoy small snacks with tea during the cruise, starting the return journey at sunset and reaching Kolkata between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Sundarban Tour: 2 Nights 3 Days

Travel Itinerary

Experience a comprehensive 2-night, 3-days tour that delves deeper into sundarban package tours wonders.

Day 1 Highlights:

  • Journey to Godkhali: Depart from Kolkata towards Godkhali, have breakfast, and choose a route to reach the eco village on Satjelia Island.
  • Eco Village Exploration: Explore the village, enjoy a country boat ride, local music sessions, and a surprise evening activity.
  • Dinner and Night Photography: Have dinner and engage in night photography of the Sundarbans sky.

Day 2 Highlights:

  • Early Morning Boat Cruise: Start early for a boat cruise, visiting watchtowers and spotting diverse wildlife.
  • Lunch, Snacks, and Return: Enjoy lunch during the cruise, spot wildlife, and return to the eco village camp.
  • Evening Activities: Engage in local music sessions, ‘Bonbibi Pala,’ snacks, and a surprise evening activity.

Day 3 Highlights:

  • Village Exploration: Take a morning walk or cycle through the village, explore the Lily pond, and have breakfast.
  • Return Journey: Depart for Kolkata, cherishing the memories of the Sundarban trip.

These meticulously crafted itineraries by Tour De Sundarbans promise an unforgettable journey through the mystical and biodiverse realm of Sundarbans, providing immersive experiences and opportunities to connect with nature.


Three Nights Four Days Tour: Extended Wilderness Immersion

Day-wise Overview:

  • Day 1: Embark on a boat cruise through the Sundarbans Delta, reaching the Eco village base camp. An evening country boat ride for bird spotting sets the tone for the trip.
  • Day 2: Explore the NETIDHOPANI circuit, navigating through narrow channels and creeks. Return to the Eco village for the night.
  • Day 3: Venture into the BURIDABRI circuit, bordering Bangladesh. Cruise along the Sundarbans’ channels, observing the village on one side and the jungle on the other.
  • Day 4: Concluding the trip with the DOBANKI circuit and a visit to Sudhanyakhali watch tower. Return to Godkhali for the onward journey to Kolkata.

In conclusion, Tour De Sundarbans crafts immersive itineraries, inviting you to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Sundarbans, where every moment resonates with the symphony of nature.

The Final Thought

The Sundarbans are a symbol of the resilience and beauty of our planet in the grand scheme of natural wonders. With its carefully chosen packages, Tour De Sundarbans makes sure that each visitor not only sees the unadulterated grandeur of this delta but also participates in its history. The memories made in this pristine wilderness remain etched in the hearts of those who dared to explore, even as the sun sets over the mangroves and the sounds of the jungle linger. Select Tour De Sundarbans for an immersive experience that leaves visitors with a profound understanding of the fragile balance of nature. Each sundarban tour booking reveals a new chapter in the story of the untamed allure of the Sundarbans.


How can I book a Sundarban tour with Tour De Sundarbans?

To book a Sundarban tour with Tour De Sundarbans, visit their official website or contact their customer service. They provide detailed information about tour packages, itineraries, and booking procedures. Ensure to read through the available options to choose the one that suits your preferences.


Are there any optional activities during the tours with Tour De Sundarbans?

Yes, Tour De Sundarbans offers optional surprise activities during the tours, enhancing the overall experience. These activities, while not mandatory, come highly recommended as they provide unique insights and moments that contribute to a deeper connection with the natural wonders of the Sundarbans.


What sets Tour De Sundarbans apart from other tour operators in the region?

Tour De Sundarbans distinguishes itself through its carefully crafted packages, immersive experiences, and a commitment to showcasing the Sundarbans’ untamed allure. The inclusion of surprise activities, local cultural engagements, and a focus on nature’s balance makes it a unique and enriching choice for travelers seeking more than just a typical tour

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