Explore What Is Ethical Hacking And The Types Of Hacking! Choose the best for you!

Your data has been hacked! This alert can give a shock to anyone either being an organization or being an individual. Today, where the interaction with the internet has reached the peak of ever before, people are getting exposed to many risks carrying networks and traffic requests. These unauthorized requests can lead to big damage to the network, data, device and information of the organization or the individual.

Let us understand the concepts a little deeper.

What is Hacking?

In the simplest words, Hacking is the penetration into the network, scripts, traffic etc in an unauthorized way to gain access to the system or operations. It eventually affects the working of the system by attacking the security tools and cracking their pores.

This has both a positive or beneficial side and the other is negative or the illegal side, depending upon the choice one wants to become. The one who performs the hacking operations is termed a Hacker.

These hacking are done virtually with the use of different devices and tools along with using the codes, scripts and programmes. Finding the bugs in the system, entering the network operations and gaining access. The intention of hacking defines the type of hacker one is.

Types of hackers

As of now, it is quite clear that the hackers are the ones who penetrates the pre-defined operating system by entering into them in an unauthorized way. But, not every hacker can be said as unauthorized or bad practice to be done. There are several types of hackers depending upon the intention of the hacker. However, majorly in the IT sector, there are 3 types of hackers.

3 types of hackers:-

  1. White hat hackers

Also known as Ethical Hackers. These are the professionals who possess similar skills as any malicious hacker would. The difference exists in the intention behind the hacking. The white hat hackers penetrate the system with the permission of the organization or the individual to find the bugs and cracks of the networks.

  1. Black hat hackers

These are the malicious hackers who intend to damage the whole network process and gain access for a longer period with the intention to extract or destroy sensitive and personal data.

When you hear that “some data has been leaked” is done by these black hat hackers. They can use the data for their benefits or can even blackmail the owners or the data for handover the same.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that Black hat hackers or hacking is illegal and is a punishable offence.

  1. Grey hat hackers
    These are the hackers who do not intend anything in the beginning. In other words, you can say they try to penetrate a network just for fun, but if they do crack the network security, instead of selling that data illegally, they prefer to inform the organization about the bug so that it can be resolved.

However, they possess the same skills as the white hat and black hat hackers, their intention to separate them apart.

Ethical hackers and ethical hacking

As mentioned in the above section, ethical hackers are white hat hackers. They are appointed by the organization to find the bugs in the network security structure and configure the errors. However, the skills and pattern of work are the same as the black hat hackers but the ethical hackers are legally authorized to enter the network environment in a way that any other malicious attacker would attack.

In other words, ethical hackers are the one who attacks the network and other infrastructure in the knowledge of the organization so that they can find the bugs and secure it from stranger attacks to secure the data.

Since the ethical hackers are appointed by the organization and their job roles include some really sensitive operations, it provides several opportunities to professionals to get a job with a high designation and salary packages.

Skills required by an ethical hacker

The very sensitive job title- the ethical hacker is not given to anyone who is just in the IT sector. There are a set of skills that are required to become a successful ethical hacker and make a bright career in the field.

Some of such skills are:-

  • Programming knowledge and grip over the different programming languages and tools.
  • Scripting and codings
  • Network and traffic management
  • Grip over different OS like Linux, Windows etc
  • In-depth knowledge of databases.
  • Ability to work and understand different hacking tools and devices.

How to become an ethical hacker?

The skills required to become an ethical hacker are very sensitive and highly in demand. It is quite difficult to earn these skills without any support or guidance.

There are many certification and training courses available where the willing candidate can enroll, learn, practice, apply and get qualified by big organizations that will validate their skills of ethical hacking.

Some certifications and ethical hacking training courses to become an ethical hacker include:-

  • CEH: certified ethical hacker by EC council
  • CCNP security
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Red Hat certifications

And many more. The above mentioned are some of the in-demand certifications that are carrying a good value in the IT industry.

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