Factors Influencing The Processing Time Of Canadian Work Permit

As soon as one applies for Canadian immigration through a work permit, the anxiety about the decision of the application begins to bother them. It is natural, as their future depends on it, and they depend on all their plans. With the numerous benefits of working in Canada, such as higher pay, better opportunities, and a healthy work environment, thousands of applicants apply for this visa every year. As an outcome, it takes a while to turn back to every application submitted by Canadian immigration officers.

The processing time under normal circumstances

Under normal conditions, the Canadian work permit can be processed as early as a month or, if extended, up to 9 months. This processing duration includes the day the applicants submit their applications and a conclusion arrives. The time taken by the authorities relies on various factors, some of which can be solved at the applicant’s end.    

These reasons can impact the processing time of the Canadian work permit.

The following factors can affect the Canadian work permit application after one has submitted it.

Location of the applicant

One’s geographical location has an essential part in the processing time of their Canadian work permit application. The link between the two nations and the tasks at hand with the Canadian embassy are two vital internal factors decided by the location from where an applicant is applying.    

Status of the submitted application

It is a factor where one should be extremely careful. Submitting a complete and valid application will fasten the Canada work permit process. Here’s why?

  1. Firstly, the officials will have trust that the applicant has submitted an authentic application.
  2. Secondly, the time taken by the visa officers for additional documents and the applicant turning back to that will be saved.

Here the works of immigration consultants are highly praised as the applicants have a professional working with their application, which reduces the probability of any mistake.   

External factors

This factor does not require much explanation as everyone has seen the influence of coronavirus recently. However, due to unpredictable factors such as diplomatic tensions or the COVID-19 pandemic, it cannot be ruled out as a cause of delay in the application’s processing.

At HS Consultants Education & Migration, the expert Canada Work Visa Consultant in Moga and Immigration Lawyer in India records all updates and factors related to work visa abroad processing. It is to help aspirants achieve their dreams of working abroad by ensuring that the visa processing is smooth & affordable.    

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