Factors That Define the Electric Bike Prices

E-bikes have been regarded as a safe, convenient, and cost-effective mode of mobility. E-bikes are increasingly being recognized as an appropriate means of transportation in cities around the United States, according to industry experts and e-bike manufacturers. Furthermore, due to government limits on public transit as a result of social-distancing standards in the aftermath of Covid-19, commuters are turning to the e-bike as a form of daily mobility.

In general, eBike prices start at $500, while devices under $2000 are only are regarded as the high-end variants. Cheap models are composed of low-priced materials that wear out over time, and replacement batteries can cost as much as a new bike. However, reduced service costs and longer battery life can compensate for a higher price point of Velec electric bike prices.

The following are the factors that determine the price of an electric bike in today’s market:


The range of a vehicle refers to how far it can travel with the fuel in its tank. For example, consider the maximum distance an electric bike can travel on a single charge. Typically, Schwinn Meridian tricycle e-bikes are meant for long-distance rides and are powered by 3 KW batteries.

Standard electric bikes with lesser batteries (about 400-500W) may ride up to 20-20 miles on a single charge. Electric bikes designed for city commuting range 30-40 miles before requiring recharging.

Bicycle Components

Cheaper models employ fragile materials that are easily broken. Because of the amount of movement, these pieces endure can break or become damaged more quickly due to increased wear and strain.

Electrical Parts 

Many buyers are unaware that battery quality varies as much as other parts and that capacity is not always indicative of quality. In the end, the quality of a battery is determined by its cells. High-grade Lithium-Ion batteries from Samsung, Bosch, and Panasonic have been used in high-end electric bikes such as Schwinn Meridian tricycle for several years. 

Avoid lead-acid and nickel batteries at all costs. While originally cheaper, they do not last as long as the newer lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid and nickel batteries are difficult to recycle once they have reached their end of life.


Many people think brand factors are worth the cost. However, some firms sell e-bikes direct to consumers, bypassing typical retail channels that incur several markups for multiple brands like Velec electric bike prices. This enables companies to offer lower-priced products than competitors while maintaining high quality.

Warranty Period

Purchasing an e-bike is an investment, and prices vary depending on the type and duration of the warranty. This added layer of security will provide you peace of mind when riding your e-bike.

Retail Value

Retailers have the highest prices because they are the last link in the distribution chain before the customer. Therefore, they will pay a higher price due to distributor and wholesaler markups. Until recently, electric bikes were a niche product, and few bike shops had the resources or desire to place a large enough order to qualify for trade discounts.


If considering purchasing an e-bike, do some research on the parts used and the type of establishment the brand represents, as the price is not always indicative of good quality e-bike.

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