Features to make the Customers Loving The Payment Process Of Magento Sites

When the shopping cart abandonment gets enhanced, then it becomes necessary for the online eCommerce store owners to make the payment or transaction process for the users quickly and easily. It is actually one of the major priorities of E-Commerce owners. Now, the question is how you can measure that you are on the right path of creating a satisfactory customer experience, and your conversion rate will increase? Well, in order to help you out here, we have given the top five feature details that will let you understand and measure the payment procedure of your website.

No Requirements Of Creating The Account

If the e-commerce website is offering the guest checkout option, then there are high chances that the customers will continue their payment process. There are several reasons that affect the decision of the user to create an account for purchasing something online. Usually, the customers are afraid of getting spammed with promotional emails, for sometimes it becomes difficult for the users to remember their username and password. Even, there are some websites that ask the customer to maintain a complicated password, and in such cases; the chances of forgetting are high. In case the customer forgets the password, then he or she needs to wait for a while regarding the confirmation mail. This factor leads to irritation or dissatisfaction in the customers.

No Interest Questions Asked

Whenever a customer is purchasing anything online, then he or she does not expect to get interrogated by some questions related to their gender, their marital status, their date of birth, or other details like their phone numbers or mail id. They find such information quite private to share. In case the website asks too many questions, then it becomes quite dissatisfying for the users to answer, and they prefer to check out. Hence, there should be only relevant questions asked to the users. As unnecessary questions only lengthen up the payment procedure and discourage the users from proceeding or completing the purchase.

Offers One Step Checkout

Usually, other traditional payment processes contain six or seven steps, including signing off, entering the billing and shipping address, using the payment method and shipping method, reviewing the order, application of the coupon codes, and others. All of these steps are usually mentioned on one page, and it becomes quite inconvenient for the customers to fill them. In case the user feels the detail, and then the page fails to reload, then the chances of losing the information increases, and it discourages the customer from completing the payment procedure.

Having A Variety Of Payment Options

This is actually the beauty of site design through Magento. The Magento eCommerce store development service providers always take care of this feature. If there are multiple gateway options available, then it automatically increases the beauty of your site and provides the customers a chance of easily completing the transaction. If you were side is developed at the Magento platform, then you can offer more than 30 payment methods, including PayPal, COD, bank transfer, reward point credit cards, Google wallet, or even others using points accumulated from the previous orders. If your site is not having many payment options and the user is not willing to adopt any one of them, then there are high chances of losing the sale.

Providing Safety And Trust

Not only the e-commerce website owners but also the users are afraid of data breaches and credit card faults. The websites that ask too many questions and private information can also make people give up early on the payment procedure. By adopting the trusted payment gateways like Paypal, and others, you can easily reduce the stress of payment safety. You can also add the debit card or credit card options on your site, and the security will be well perceived. Also, it would be best if you determined that the payment methods are compared with the payment card industry data security standards.


These are some of the features that must be added to your Magento eCommerce platforms, and they will definitely let the customers love your store and the payment process as well.

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