Find Better LED Light Bulbs for Trucks at Diode Dynamics

You’ve definitely heard some of the buzz surrounding LED light bulbs for cars and trucks in the past few years. Although until recently LED light bulbs were something of a luxury, modern advances in technology have significantly driven down the cost of production, and since then, LEDs have hit every corner of the market.

This includes the industry for automotive lighting. Drivers who switch out their car or truck’s lights for LEDs can enjoy a number of benefits, chief among which may be the fact that they’ll likely never have to replace the same light bulbs again.

LED light bulbs for trucks and cars have the best longevity of all forms of automotive lighting, and by far, but it doesn’t stop there. They also draw less power, costing less, start up immediately, are more reliable, and can be easy to replace.

If you’re looking for the best ones money can buy, check Diode Dynamics, and here’s why.

1. They start up right away

Diode Dynamics’ LEDs are made with special circuitry to help prevent dimming and flickering, and their LEDs will start up right away. Compare this to halogen bulbs that sometimes need to warm up a little before they reach their full brightness. LEDs start right up every time.

2. They’re more reliable

Everyone knows that some automotive incandescent and halogen bulbs can be somewhat temperamental. Some of them die as soon as they’ve been exposed to oil or grease or dust, which, as you might expect, are common on the road.

Diode Dynamics’ LED light bulbs for trucks and cars are far more reliable than the next best thing. They are not only resistant to corrosion and moisture intrusion, which gives them a longer lifespan, but they are also resistant to vibration, which can spell doom for some other forms of automotive lighting.

3. They have better optics

Diode Dynamics’ LED bulbs are also remarkable for the superior optical focus that many of them offer. Their LED bulbs produce and direct light that appears brighter and better focused.

Many of their LEDs, like their light bar LED kits, make use of their TIR (or Total Internal Reflection) Optics, that direct all of the light exactly where you need it. Far superior to cupped reflectors and other optics, their LED lights lose less light output to glare and scattering.

The result is a set of LED lights that appear brighter and are better focused than the competition.

4. Some of them are true plug and play options

Possibly the best thing of all about Diode Dynamics’ LED lights for cars and trucks is that they offer some true plug and play options that don’t require you to make any alterations to your vehicle at all.

Some of their LED tail lights, side marker lamps and other LED replacement bulbs simply plug right into the socket out of which you took the old light. No new wiring, no installing drivers, none of that. Just a quick replacement that comes with all of the other selling points mentioned here.

5. They come with a great guarantee

Just in case you needed any more peace of mind, Diode Dynamics provides some really great guarantees on their products. Their actual guarantees will vary according to the lights in question, so check out some of their specific products at to see just what they guarantee and for how long.

Since 2006, Diode Dynamics has been the preeminent name in automotive LED lighting for these reasons and more. Plus, their lighting technology is designed and assembled in the United States and their customer service line is always willing to help, so if you have any questions, get in touch with them at 314-205-3033.

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