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Sweatshirts are the one clothing item that virtually everyone has in their closet. They’re comfy, warm, and it’s usually socially acceptable to wear them in a size that might be a little too big for you. Nonetheless, there is never a moment where you can’t pass down a cozy sweatshirt if the opportunity arises.

There is also a lot of variety when it comes to what kind of sweatshirt you like. You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to sweatshirts like hoodies, crewnecks, or zip-up hoodies. Most of them serve multiple functionalities, too.

You can layer with them, use the zip-ups as a jacket, or tie it around your waist in case you get cold. There’s really nothing better than slipping on a comfy, warm sweatshirt when you feel a bit chilly or need the extra comfort.

The most comfortable sweatshirt, in many people’s opinion, would be the 100% cotton sweatshirt. The durability and feel of cotton is something that cannot be beaten.

Why All Cotton Sweatshirts?

The reason why many people have and should switch to purchasing all cotton sweatshirts is because you can seriously notice the difference.

Cotton is a unique fabric for many reasons. Its main selling point is its ability to trap moisture from the body. This allows you to remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Being that sweatshirts are more commonly worn in the winter, 100% cotton sweatshirts are the best way to stay warm during the colder months.

Another great bonus from purchasing cotton clothing is the way it maintains itself. Buying a cotton sweatshirt should be looked at as an investment because of how long these garments are able to last.

By having a 100% cotton-based garment, you won’t get the feeling of a stiff new sweatshirt that needs to be lived in and washed multiple times to feel comfortable. It will arrive on your doorstep ready to wear!

If you want a sweatshirt that is the versatile, warm, and durable garment you’ve always wanted, check out the brand JustSweatshirts. This brand understands the need for clothing that will stand the test of time. They guarantee longevity, comfort, durability, and wearability.

Why Just Sweatshirts?

This brand specializes in the perfect all in one hoodie that will satisfy all your sweatshirt needs. They even have sweatpants, T-Shirts, and long-sleeved shirts, to complete your mega comfortable wardrobe. You won’t be able to find quality clothing garments like this where sweatshirts are typically sold.

They are supplied with pigment-dyed and sandwashed clothing made with high-quality materials you will love. Plus, all of their clothing is made in North America, so you can ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of products. You may never want to take them off!

Their clothing is also available in men’s and women’s sizes. It’s perfect for the whole family! Gear up with your matching Just Sweatshirts hoodies, sweatpants, and pullovers. Their goal since day one has been to provide the ultimate comfort to their customers, and they have done just that since 2001. Being a family-run business, they understand the importance of good service and customer satisfaction.

To supply yourself with a noticeably different sweatshirt experience, check out and explore the inclusive amount of comfortable clothing options. If you have any questions regarding your 100% cotton garments, give them a call toll-free at 866-888-5878. They will be happy to help you with all of your sweatshirt needs.

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