Finding Great Explainer Videos on YouTube

It used to be that a great explainer video simply had to have some real life examples to illustrate its claims. Times have changed. With the advent of technology and the internet, it is now easier than ever to come up with an informative video to make its claims. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

When Hurricane Charlie tore through South Florida a few years back, many residents had their water pipes literally brought to their homes so they could drink. It was amazing how even the most basic emergency preparedness measures were ignored. This man brought in water from his own well and made sure that everyone in the immediate area knew where hest came from. He even went so far as to buy a big blue blanket to use as a table so that everyone would be able to sit down together. This is a great example of how providing a simple solution can make a huge difference.

Another great disaster is Hurricane Katrina. The water levels rose in New Orleans to record levels and literally took over the levee system. People were being moved out of the city in buses and trailers while the water came down around them. Some homes had roofs that could not withstand the rising water and had to be ripped off completely. As you can imagine, this created a huge water shortage and people had to prepare for a long, drawn-out period of time before they could go back to their homes.

In a time when other natural disasters seem to be taking more precedence, this video really stands out. A guy in the video shows what he did after being rescued from his car. He quickly got his boat together and set sail for his home. You can almost feel the emotions in the video as he talks about what it was like.

Of course, we cannot forget Hurricane Sandy. The aftermath of this catastrophic storm is still being felt a week and a half later. One man in the video shows his complete disorientation and fear as he looks at the damage to his home. Other people talk about how they lost everything and how they are rebuilding.

But, most people remember the video of Hurricane Rita. This one caused an enormous amount of water and devastation. But, luckily, there were some great explainer videos made about the events. People learned quickly what to do and how to rebuild.

In the days after Rita, other cities saw flooding and power outages. A great video was made by a man who had lost his entire home to the floodwaters. He talked about how he rebuilt using simple supplies that anyone can buy at the store. But, it is the video that is going to stand out the most.

An explainer video can be a powerful tool for communicating ideas. But, it also takes a little bit of personal experience to make it work. A video that shows you how to clean your house is going to be much different than one that shows you how to fight off a vampire. The power of those videos comes from their ability to cut through things and bring the viewer right to the point. With a flood or a power outage, that is not enough. A video makes it personal and brings the viewer right to the experience.

There are all kinds of explainer videos. Some are very funny with people doing strange things. But, there are also plenty of serious videos that tell people how to deal with real life situations. When an emergency strikes, a video like this can save lives. Many people have turned to YouTube to find these videos instead of watching them in their news stations or churches.

The video works well both as an educational tool and as entertainment. While you are learning something, other people are laughing. This makes it easier for you to learn what you need to know. Sometimes, a video explanation of something you are not sure of just makes it plain for you that it is something you need to know.

There is no reason why anyone should have to deal with natural disasters without any means of communication. But, there are plenty of great explainer videos available that can help to provide those means. Instead of relying on government officials and news reporters, people should rely on professional video technicians. This way, they can help save lives.

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