Five Amazing Benefits of Gardening You Should Know About

Something that not a lot of people know is that gardening does not just make your yard look amazing. Gardening actually comes with many health benefits. Much has been said about health benefits related to gardening and yet so many individuals ignore it. If you are thinking about improving your health, here are five amazing benefits that gardening will provide you with.

Outdoor Gardening Can Help Your Body Fight Disease

We are more like plants than we might realise. Our bodies are also capable of some form of photosynthesis. When you are in the sun, your body will use it to make the nutrient that we all need, vitamin D. This amazing vitamin is essential for thousands of body functions. From staining your bones to improving your immune system. On top of that, spending some time outside gardening will lower your risk of prostate, bladder as well as breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and many other diseases. When you have very low vitamin D levels you have a much greater risk of having metabolic syndrome, dementia, type 2 diabetes as well as psoriasis. But instead of going out and spending hours in the sun, make sure that you are not overexposing your skin as it can lead to skin cancer. When you are outside make sure that you are wearing UV protection.

Gardening Helps Builds Strength, Promotes Better Sleep, Helps You Maintain A Healthy Weight

There have been many research centres that have proven that gardening is actually a form of exercise. They have proven that when you are going, activities such as cutting grass and raking count as light exercising. But when it comes to shovelings, cutting wood as well as digging, you are considered to be doing vigorous exercise. So, no matter what you are doing in your green ¬†garden it is considered to be exercise. As you are adding a form of exercise to your daily routines, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight, simply by spending some time doing what you love. You can burn up to 330 calories during one hour of gardening. That is actually more than you would burn if you are walking at a moderate pace for an hour. It has been proven that men and women who partake in gardening have a significantly lower body mass index than those who don’t.

Another great benefit of gardening is that it will help promote better sleep. When you combine the increased intake of vitamin D and more physical activity, you will be able to get a better night’s sleep.

Gardening Is a Mood Booster

Another study has shown that when you are gardening you will be able to improve your self-esteem as well as improve your mood. When people are gardening outside, their anxiety levels will drastically drop and they feel less depressed as well. The research has also shown that for those who are gardening and have severe depression, their symptoms have drastically improved. In the same vein when gardeners notices that his efforts have gone waste, they begin to experience disappointment and depression. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are keeping your plants alive. This entails protecting them from possible severe weather conditions as well as unwanted pests around your garden. Regarding weather conditions, you need to plant the more delicate plants in safer spots and be alert to cover them when situation demands it.  As for pests, you always need to ensure there are no pests ruining your work. In case pests invade your garden, make sure that you are hiring professional Pest Control to get rid of any potential hazards that will ruin your hard work.

Being Surrounded By Plants Can Be Therapeutic

Just the mere act of being around plants will improve your overall well-being. Plants are known to produce psychological benefits from their presence on their own. That is why feeling good when you are surrounded by plants is not a surprise. The presence of plants will improve reaction time as well as the perception of the space you are in. This is especially useful for those who are recovering from traumatic experiences or surgeries. Try relaxing in your garden 10 minutes a day and you will soon realise the amazing effect it has on your mood.

Gardening Can Reduce Feelings Of Loneliness

The last benefit of gardening that we have for you often comes as a surprise to people. Gardening is known to be a great way of reducing loneliness. The reasoning behind that is quite simple, actually. As community gardens are becoming more and more popular, it is one of the best places you can meet someone who shares the same interests as you. They often offer gardening groups where you can meet some good friends. Gardening is really a magical thing. You are not only getting the exercise you are also growing your own food and saving the environment.

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