Flutter vs React Native: Which One to Choose For App Development?

Flutter or React Native? which one to choose for cross-platform app development?? Most app developers and business owners concern with this simple question yet lots of solutions has been proposed. Both are frameworks and highly utilized for mobile app development for both Android and iOS. Both have some similarities and dissimilarities. It’s quite difficult to differentiate between these two and making one better, however, this article can help you to sort out the real sketch.

Similarities between React Native & Flutter

In a simple word, both are used for app development as I said earlier. Every day you are using several types of applications like social media apps, games, beauty apps, health apps, etc. Generally, most apps have been developed with these 2 platforms. But there are some similarities between these two frameworks which are:

  • Both are highly used frameworks for apps development.
  • Open-source frameworks.
  • Compatible for Android, iOS, Windows, and others.
  • Faster coding capabilities.
  • Both came from prominent servers. Flutter from the tech giant, Google and React Native from social media giant, Facebook.

Advantages of Flutter & React Native


  • Developers best choice
  • Google platform as background
  • Classy outlook, amazing UI
  • Easy coding to create user-friendly and responsive apps
  • Cost-effective

React Native

  • Older than Flutter yet smarter
  • Easy to use codings
  • Most useful apps are built with React like Instagram, Tesla, Pinterest, etc
  • Best for social media applications

Which one to choose for mobile app development?

Based on the user choices and preferences, app developers regularly update their skills, come up with innovative ideas, getting closer to clients by responsiveness. Being a developer, anyone can choose any platform as per their interest. In a nutshell, both framework facilities are shown below:

Why choose Flutter?

When you surf the internet, you search for keywords in real. Those websites that match absolute keywords- show up on the first page. This is because of google ranking and site optimization. Likewise, a mobile app has rankings, ratings & reviews, no. of downloads, etc. These days, Flutter app development services is widely used because of its fantastic gesture. Individuals look for responsive apps, faster performance, and easy installation processes. Flutter is such a platform that keeps these things at the utmost priority. Developers feel comfortable using and creating high-quality apps without tons of codings. Having a Google background, Flutter applications easily get rank on the play store.

Why choose React Native?

The most convincing criteria for choosing React Native is its popularity. As if it was launched earlier, lots of developers have adopted this framework. Without React Native app development services, social media application development is a bit difficult, time-consuming, and odd on and off. Furthermore, this framework utilizes JavaScript that every app developers know I think.

Bottom Line

Choosing Flutter or React Native is completely based on the project requirements. But, Flutter provides better performance, flexible UI components, and own widgets. Furthermore, Flutter is a speedy framework that uses Dart programming language, a newly developed one by Google. If you want superb performance and finishing, use Flutter for cross-platform app development.

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