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In a country which is filled with skyscrapers and e apartment blocks, I am one of the few who have a bug- had a village upbringing. It was only recently that my village _ Nee Soon had to make way for progress. The homes of a few thousand of us were demolished, together with a cemetery and a few acres of woodland. It had been one of the oldest residential areas in Singapore and lasted almost two hundred years. I have had several exciting moments living in that village, and I believe that they will do good reading to future generations of Singapore. The next generation of Singaporeans is only likely to have heard stories that at one time there were “kampongs” or villages in Singapore. There are three incidents on my life that I will include in my book, which I believe, will interest my readers.

The first incident I will write in my book is about the time of the floods. In 1983 when the rain was heavier than usual, my village was flooded. It was remarkable that we children could see the danger even before the adults did. I had never seen a flood before, except on television. Yet that morning when I saw the water outside my house up to ankle-deep and reported to my father that soon it would be flooded, he laughed and said that everything would be all right. By afternoon the flood had reached up to waist-deep. We had to be rescued by soldiers, who came in assault boats through the water, singing merrily as if it was a picnic. My grandmother sat on top of the cupboard, where my father had placed her and refused fl to come down into the boat. She insisted that the flood would rescind. None of us could persuade her.


Finally, one of the soldiers lost his patience and grabbed her and ‘ d her kicking and screaming into the boat. The flood only three days later and during that time we Cafninesubsided lived in a school.

Another interesting incident is the time when we had a “Gotong royong” project to repair the road to the mosque. “Gotong royong” is the Malay word for community self-help projects. The road to the mosque was. Full of potholes and some parts of it had caved in and fallen into the drain. The government had agreed to provide materials and machines of the villagers could do the manual work that was required. So one Sunday we all gathered to repair the road and had a lot of fun doing it. This being Singapore and Nee Soon village being what it was, almost everyone was there – including a lot of non-Muslims. The older ladies gathered together to cook for the “workers” while the more non-disabled men and women sweated it out. We had a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, the road did look like a road should.

One last incident I would record is about the time an Indian neighbour of ours organised a boring ceremony for his firstborn. I was puzzled that anyone would have a tradition for it – mostly since the person whose ears were to be bored was a male. Mr Marimuthu was happy to explain that this was an ancient Hindu ritual, widely practised in India but almost forgotten in Singapore. Anyway, the whole village was excited, and we marched forth, dressed in our best, to partake of the ceremony and the sumptuous lunch that would go with it.

To the beating of drums, the little boy was carried to the shed where the event was to take place. He was placed on his maternal uncle’s lap, and while he was gill gaping at wonder at what was going on, his ears were pierced. He screamed in protest and was comforted Only after fifteen minutes of crying. After that kept, quiet and we all went near to see how he looked. He looked cute with the two studs in his ears.


These are three incidents I will include in my book, which ain sure will do an interesting reading for Singaporeans. They will never have the good fortune experience any of these at first hand.


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