Folic Acid In Pregnancy

The 9 months of pregnancy are very precious. During these months, you will share a special bond with your baby. You might notice that you are thinking about your baby at every moment. What is your baby doing? Is your baby getting enough food? Is he/she growing properly? Will he/she be healthy?

At these times, you should know that your food and lifestyle is very important for your baby’s growth. You should eat healthy food and lead an active lifestyle so that your baby is born healthy and without any complications.

One of the most important vitamins that your baby needs for growing well is folic acid.

What is folic acid?

Blood transports oxygen and energy to all parts of the body. With less blood, your organs won’t be able to function properly. To produce blood, your body needs vitamin B9.

We get vitamin B9 in the form of folates in our food. If your diet does not include enough folates, doctors usually prescribe folic acid tablets. Folic acid is a good source of folates.

Why do you need folic acid in pregnancy?

In pregnancy, you are eating food for yourself and your baby. Whatever you eat should have the right nutrients that are required for your baby’s growth. Folic acid is very important for the development of your baby’s brain, spine and nervous system. So, you need to have more folic acid in pregnancy.

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