Full Review of RecordCast

I have talked about RecordCast before. Today, I’d love to do a full review for this free online screen recorder in case you want to know more.



Have you at any point considered how I am ready to record my screen? Did you have a web class you needed to record or a neighborhood of your favorite film or game? Numerous YouTubers are utilizing screen recorder applications to capture the videos of games and talks, which they thereafter post on their channels. Do you think it’s difficult to reach out?

The truth is that it’s very simple. This article will talk about the best approach to record your screen without costing you any money. Indeed, we’ll talk about approaches to record screens without purchasing any tool or application.


What is RecordCast – a free online screen recorder?

RecordCast is a straightforward and simple to utilize screen recorder with an online inherent video editor. It empowers simple screen recording, screen catch, and video altering.


Main Features of RecordCast

1. No download required

Begin recording your screen online with a few mouse clicks. No product and expansion downloads are required.

2. Webcam recording

RecordCast screen recorder additionally gives users the ability to record from a webcam. It furnishes the clients with face cam work and permits them to record their appearances while making the video. This component helps teachers in recording their talks, understudies in making their introductions and YouTubers to clarify the substance of their recordings.

3. Sound recording include

It helps in recording sound along with your recordings. The sound recorder is close to the same as the screen recorder. It helps in recording each word and syllable with no mutilation. Subsequently, help in making a free top-quality video with high voice quality.

4. Modified recording area

You can record any space on your screen as you want. Whatever the full screen, a specific application window you want to show to your visitors or any browser tab you are using to demonstrate your online service.

5. Video editing

It likewise gives web video editing features during which you make revisions to your recordings and add messages, and so on. The video editing tools are proficient and direct to use with no watermark.

6. HD video with no watermark/ads

Numerous applications on the Internet either record video in poor quality or put a watermark on your video. Other than those tools, RecordCast gives a particular free screen recorder that records HD recordings with no watermark and no ads as well.


Cost and Pricing of RecordCast

As I talked about before, RecordCast is free to use and it has a paid version as well, starting from $3.99.


What can you do with RecordCast?

1.  Make video tutorials

It consistently cases that your clients need something to show how to use your service. This tool will be incredibly useful. By using RecordCast, you can show your customers the specific steps with a video, recording particularly little nuances one small step at a time.

2. Flipped classroom

RecorCast is also useful for understudies who don’t go to class for learning in light of sick leave or anything. Educators consistently use such a tool to make some online courses for them to learn at home with the goal that those understudies who simply don’t come to class can play them later.

3. Product demos

Once in a while, you are in a situation where you need to give different presentations and thing demos from time to time. You can give an engaging show and the best product demo utilizing this tool. It would take attractive more clients to your product.

4. Game capturing

It is a practical and useful tool if you are a live game decoration on YouTube or Twitch. You can record your live game at whatever point you need. Tell your fans how cool are your game abilities with a recorded video.

5. Video editing

Notwithstanding the way that RecordCast is a free screen recorder, it has a video editor as well. Using the inbuilt video tool features, you can add different kinds of music and components and make your video appealing.


How to use RecordCast

  1. Open the website.
  2. Click on the “Record Free Now” button.
  3. You can pick the kind of recording you need, including screen+webcam, the screen only, or webcam only.
  4. It is feasible to record microphone, system sound, or no sound while recording your screen.
  5. By permitting or precluding the sound, you can make the fundamental settings of the recording media accessible to begin your recording.
  6. You presently have three alternatives: select the whole screen, the application window, or the Chrome tab. If you select an application window, the application will show every open window. If you select a Chrome tab, all open tabs will be shown in the rundown.
  7. Subsequent to choosing an application or screen, tap on the record button.
  8. After you’ve got done with recording, you will have the choice to edit and export the video.

Summary of the review

There are a lot of people who buy expensive recorders to record videos on our screens. These are heavy software that takes up a large space of computing systems. RecordCast is free from cost tool which is straightforward to handle, efficient and assists you in recording a top-quality video. You don’t need to download it on your PC, so they’ll be no space issue. It’s free from cost and a web screen recording tool.

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