Future of Clinical Trials in India

Clinical Research Courses is a booming industry which provides great career options to most of the students from life science background. This research plays a significant role in introducing the new drugs by overall improving the health statistics. India is the second largest pharmaceutical industry in Asian region.

The scope of clinical research is increasing its global standards by introducing new drugs to cure various types of illness. Further, in the years to come India is anticipated to become a global hub for the research. For instance, there is a rise of about 10.89% of the career prospects annually in the years to come. Most of the MNCs are providing research facilities in India, leading to an exponential rise in the clinical research industry. Many firms are taking initiatives to place students professionally in this field. According to the research study, it is anticipated that there will be rise for more than 50,000 in career options related to the clinical industry. Clinical research is directed at various affiliated research centers and academic medical centers. They offer quality learning ecosystem involving the Pharmacovigilance Courses , networking sites, managing data and various operational factors, and emerging technologies related to this field. After completing graduation, one can also find various job opportunities in this industry at entry level positions. In the case of completion of Master’s degree and specific certification courses can be offered with the core designations. Further, for the deep research Ph.D. is the ideal solution for them. Sideways with the education fulfilments, a good hands on is obligatory to be in this field. Practical knowledge, hard work, and good communication skills can lead one to an edge of Clinical Research Industry. Value of clinical research in India is being appreciated but not to its full potential is realized. Indian clinical trials do not get recognition unless there is a quality of clinical research among the physicians. According to the recent study, research publications in the span of 2005 and 2014 reported that output of these clinical trials from Indian medical institutions was poor than expected and about 57.32% of medical colleges did not have a single publication during this timeframe. Some limitations still exist that delay clinical research or restraint its scope. The major challenge is to instill the confidence and trust in global stakeholders about the developing and more scientific regulatory environment in the country. There is a need for investment by the regulators in building and infrastructure to bring the better governance and management of clinical research in India. The Indian authorities will play an active role in encouraging local research and innovation. Millions of patients are waiting for the better and more effective treatment. With the better and more cost effective cures for existing diseases and also new upcoming diseases, clinical trials should work more effectively in India. Furthermore, according to the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research indorses Clinical Research certification programs for physicians to develop the ability in:

  • Ethics and subject protections
  • Scientific concepts
  • Subject care
  • Operational excellence and regulatory compliance
  • Leadership and business management

Individuals can get several jobs after clinical research courses. The clinical research training provided in Fusion Technology Solutions is more than enough to make the candidates place in well reputed organizations.

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