Germs That May Be Present in Workspaces

Germs That May Be Present in Workspaces

At first glance, they are imperceptible, but they are a risk, to greater or lesser ‌health. Germs can get on almost any surface. It is for this reason that workspaces do not escape their threat.

We spend an average of eight hours a day, five times a week, in offices and workspaces. This factor increases the possibility that these germs, which are lurking, end up causing a health problem in the staff.

Is there a way to prevent this? Yes. There are effective individual actions that, together with implementing a correct cleaning plan, mitigate these incidents.

The major problem

In any environment where we carry out our daily activities, germs are present. However, this does not mean that they should be overlooked.

Giving the importance it deserves to ‌reducing ‌germs will bring benefits in workspaces; not only to the individual health of employees and collaborators but also to their productivity.


Among the objects with the highest presence of germs are computer keyboards, doorknobs, and elevator buttons


Many people live together in workspaces. They are commonly closed areas, with artificial ventilation systems. All these factors come together to turn them into sources of infection.

In offices and work centers, items such as telephones, computers, printers are shared. They also live in rest areas with vending machines or kitchens and shared bathrooms.

With each contact with these office items, without their continuous and proper cleaning, the chances of “catching germs” increase exponentially.

Sick employees and workers continuously increase absenteeism, a situation that is not convenient for the productivity of the company or the business.

In addition, sometimes, substitute employees are even needed to fill the positions‌ an increase in the payroll budget.

Another factor to take into consideration of how it affects the proliferation of germs in workspaces? If employees suffer from illnesses requiring special medical care, insurance premiums can go up.

Main germs that can stay in offices

Four types of germs can be differentiated: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

These germs can be carried from one environment to another through people; also through water or rotten food, poorly cooked or garbage. For this reason, the importance of cleaning spaces and individual hygiene measures.

Hand washing is extremely important to prevent the transmission of germs; as well as the correct and constant cleaning of utensils and surfaces in workspaces.

A report in the World Applied Sciences Journal showed that, for example, keyboards can be infected by hundreds of bacteria.

This world-renowned scientific journal highlighted ‌Pseudomonas putida. This bacterium can cause eye, ear, and even urinary infections.

Also from Bacillus cereus, which causes food poisoning.

Let Us help you maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your offices

Creating strategic plans for the hygiene and cleaning of your offices is essential to create healthy spaces for your employees. We adapt to the specific requirements of your organization.

We understand the importance of the good health of your workers. We want to become your ally to give you the best conditions.

 We also have extra services in washing carpets and furniture, surfaces with high incidences of germs, if they are not cleaned constantly and properly.


We use appropriate implements for cleaning each area of ​​your offices, without causing side effects. We have a committed and trained staff to carry out each activity in compliance with strict protocols.

We monitor each planned task for your peace of mind and that of your employees.

We are based on three pillars: timely administration, effective supervision, and service with a human sense.


Germs can stay on different surfaces, objects, utensils. Besides being invisible to the naked eye, they can also cause damage to health. Workspaces do not escape the reality of having ‌germs.

These spaces ‌have a lot of foot traffic, so keeping them clean is key. First: the health of the employees is protected and second: the productivity of the company or business is guaranteed and we can achieve this impeccable state of cleanliness of our workspace with the help of a professional commercial cleaning team. 

Devices with keyboards, or objects like doorknobs or elevator buttons, can harbor hundreds of germs. Your care and constant cleaning will guarantee the reduction of contagion of diseases in the office.


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