Get an Airsoft Mystery Box and Score More than Savings

If you think you’ve seen it all in the game of airsoft, you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter how huge your collection of airsoft guns, airsoft pistols, and other tactical equipment is. It doesn’t matter how much you know about history or how many matches you’ve played across the country.

Well, it does matter, but you still have new things to learn and experience. No matter how much guns, gear, and good stuff you have, there’s always something more waiting just around the corner that you haven’t ever seen or used before.

And even if there isn’t and you’ve really seen and done it all, next year there will be new releases that will be new even for you. What we mean to say here is that there’s a great way for you to brush up on your sport and introduce yourself to new things to keep it exciting, and someone else can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get an airsoft mystery box at MiR Tactical and you never know what you’ll be getting into, but besides the gear and good advice that you can get from their customer service team, they’ll even hook you up with new equipment you might not even have known existed.

There are so many advantages to getting an airsoft mystery box that we almost don’t know where to start. Well, in the first place, depending on the box you get, you’re guaranteed to get a new airsoft rifle or pistol. In that regard alone it’s a great way to keep everything fresh, exciting, and new. You never know what’s going to come in the box and you might just score your next favorite piece of equipment.

Also, you’re going to score some savings with one of their mystery boxes, because the sticker price of the goods that come with the box is guaranteed to exceed the value you pay for the box. That means that no matter how much you pay for the box itself, you’re going to come out of it with more airsoft guns and gear than you would have paid for otherwise.

For example, their $199.95 dollar mystery box comes with an assortment of airsoft guns and gear that together have a sticker price of over 300 dollars. It would be like splurging and getting way more than you paid for. It’s actually almost like a 50% discount when you think about it.

That’s just a minimum guarantee, as some mystery boxes contain airsoft guns and gear that are worth far more than the advertised guaranteed lowest price. In that regard, there’s always the chance to score an even better deal than you could have expected.

Plus, there’s the plain old fact that there’s the element of surprise and therefore the element of excitement involved with a mystery box or a mystery accessory pack that isn’t the same with regular online shopping. It’s exciting enough waiting for something new to arrive in the mail, but it’s even better when you know you’re going to like it but you don’t yet know what it is.

Visit MiR Tactical online at to learn more about these mystery boxes and to check out some of the other gear and accessories they sell on their website. They have not only an incredible selection and great prices on airsoft guns and gear on the internet but great service. Also, mystery box or not, they have a price match guarantee and offer flat rate shipping on all orders, so you’re going to save one way or another. Visit their website today and get onto saving, whether you’re in it for a new AEG or just need a resupply of ammo.

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