Gift your Wife Bajaj Finance FD on this Valentine’s Day

A financial instrument or asset that remains unaffected by market conditions and keeps on gaining value over a period can be given as a gift to your loved ones on special days. This is because it will prove to be their saviour during a financial crisis or emergency. One such gift is fixed deposit as it is not only one of the most reliable financial asset  but one that also grows your investment throughout the tenure. 

However, you should be choosy before picking an FD plan as there are many factors that you must consider before investing. Bajaj Finance FD can prove to be an ideal gift for  your wife on this Valentine’s Day because it has only the best things to offer. So checkout all the detailed features that make this FD scheme so much special. 

Better than cash 

Cash gifts are either spent lavishly or at the most get deposited in a savings account. This can’t be considered to provide any special benefits in the long run. Instead you can book a Bajaj Finance FD in the name of your wife and ensure that the money gets multiplied at a good rate up to 7.25%.

Moreover, you can also pick from the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly interest payouts by investing in a non-cumulative FD if your wife needs some funds regularly to manage her expenses. 

Unaffected by market forces 

A fixed deposit remains unaffected by the market forces and provides a steady growth for your savings. Bajaj Finance FD has received the highest ratings on safety and stability from reputed credit rating institutions like ICRA and CRISIL. Therefore, your gift will remain safe and keep on accruing interest till maturity.

Flattering interest rates 

The interest rate of up to 7.25% offered by Bajaj Finance is flattering as it is higher than most bank and company FDs in India. This interest rate is high enough to turn an amount into a large corpus over a longer tenure. 

Also, if your wife is a senior citizen then you can get 0.25% additional FD interest rate. In case she is not, you can still get an additional 0.10% FD rate by opening an FD account via online FD form. 

Easy withdrawal options 

If your wife needs some funds urgently then the withdrawal on the FD can be made immediately without any fuss. Your deposit just needs to complete a minimum tenure of  3 months to be able to make a withdrawal by paying a minimum penalty. 

Also, you can avail a loan up to 75% of your FD value without breaking your FD. This means that your FD will act as a contingency fund that can prove to be useful for both you and your wife during a financial emergency. 

Multi-deposit facility 

If you don’t want to invest everything in a single FD then you can open multiple FD accounts. Each of this account can have a different deposit amount, tenure, and FD type as per your convenience. Also, a flexible tenor from 12 to 60 months can be selected for each FD. 

Also, you need to submit a single cheque against all the FD accounts so that the stipulated amount gets deposited in each of the FD plans simultaneously. This feature can prove to be useful if you want to impress your wife by gifting multiple FD plans to her or want to split the corpus and invest in the name of other relatives as well. Also, you can use the FD interest calculator available on the website to find the FD value at maturity. You can tell your wife about the returns she will get after completion of the tenure to make her even more happy this Valentine.

Also, if you want to reinvest the money for gaining more returns then you can choose the auto-renewal option while filling the form. Therefore, there can be no better gift other than Bajaj Finance FD to give as a gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

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