Give Your Home A Stylish Touch With Block Print Bedsheets

A home is a place that can never get enough styling. If you touch up the interiors of your home during the summer season, then there will be new fashion trends in the winters. Sometimes it can get difficult in catching up with the ever-changing fashion of home interiors. So why not invest in something that will never go out of fashion? Yes, you heard us right! All you have to do is invest hand block printed bed sheets and give your home that royal and regal touch. It is much better than buying vintage items for your home – less expensive and will last for a long time.


How are block printed bedcovers making a comeback?

Beds are the most important accessory for any room. Whether it is a guest room or the master bedroom, it is incomplete without a bed. And if the bed is adorned with a beautiful bedsheet, then the beauty of the room will increase ten times. Not only will the room look like a wonderful place to rest, but it will also add genuine calmness and pristine looks to the entire place. A few years ago, block print bedsheets were going out of fashion. There were new machine-made bedsheets that were doing the rounds in the market and seemed to be the new fashion idea. However, it is now being embraced by people belonging to all walks of life. Just like history repeats itself – the fashion of hand block printed bedsheets is back. The fashion industry has revived it and now there is no looking back. In fact, you can now even see block print in all kinds of fashion apparel.


Why should you invest in block prints?

The world of block prints is ever-expanding. From bedsheets, towels, cushion covers, bed covers and table mats – it is everywhere. Not only does the effect of block prints enhance the way your home looks it also adds class. There are also people who are active in the fashion industry that feel block printed bedcovers add a lot of vintage value to your home. Looking at the fashion preference of the entire country, it is best to invest in block prints.

  • If your home has white or plain walls and you have an earthy decor in your home, having block print bedsheets spread on your bed or diwan will break the monotony and add hues of vibrant colours to your room. There are a variety of colours, designs and combinations available when it comes to block printed bedcovers. There is also a huge variety of quilts that have outstanding block prints on them. The AC quilts are extremely handy when it comes to using them during the cool seasonal weather or when you are sitting relaxed with the air conditioner on and need something to warm you or make you feel more comfortable. Urban households have a common favourite when it comes to these quilts and bedsheets due to their beauty and attractive designs.
  • The love for hand block printed bedsheets is not just limited to India. People who come from abroad such as Europe or America are big fans of these designs. They get enamoured of the handicrafts that our country has to offer and take bags full when they return home. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to find block printed bedcovers when you visit people’s homes in other countries.
  • It is a good idea to invest in block prints if you want to make small changes in the decor of your home. It is not possible to change one’s furniture or colours of the walls every now and then, therefore if you have stylish applique bedsheets or colourful block printed bedcovers, your home will look attractive and vibrant without you having to make too much of an effort.

We at Teertha believe in expanding our handicrafts and the beauty that comes with it. We wish to spread it to every home so that all of us are in touch with the grace and charm that these crafts have. The collection of bedsheets and quilts are varied and you can spoil yourself silly with the variety that we have. If you are looking for applique bedsheets online then hop on to our website and you will find everything here without any trouble!

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