Gojek Clone Malaysia Help Kickstart Your Business in 2021

You love using a Super App. Ever thought of making one? You are fascinated by how this Super App makes it easy for the customers to pay the bills, get the taxi, take the beautician appointment, order the groceries and food, and so on. You are fascinated with the technology advancement, always attracted towards such innovativeness. However, you are unable to move forward with the concept of building thinking it might be complex and expensive to run and manage an On-Demand Multiservice Business. What if we told you it isn’t?

Presently a place like Malaysia is attracting a lot of startups and business owners to launch an app like Gojek. The country is yet to experience to have a flawless operating Super App. With the pandemic hitting, this has been the right time in launching Gojek Clone In Malaysia.

The Pandemic Urges People To Use On-Demand App

Businesses worldwide are affected because of COVID19.

The governments have been imposing lockdowns, asking people to stay indoors. This has helped in reducing the virus infection. With only feasibility to order daily essentials online, these on-demand apps were the only ones there to help.

With vaccination drives in full swing, and lockdowns lifting, people still are seen ordering using Gojek like App. The only reason – it is safe, quick, easy, and affordable. Right from food, to groceries to handyman services, tutoring, babysitting, and more can be arranged using this app.

Gojek Clone App in Malaysia can bring success when you carefully implement the right features and functionalities.

People Loves One-stop Solution

People love comfort and convenience. The Gojek Clone App is exactly bringing them by offering 70+ different services under a single platform.

It is time-consuming and tedious to have different apps for different things. For every chore, the user has to log in and log out. Gojek like app makes it simple and quick.

Select the service the user needs and place the order. It is that simple as how we read it. 

Integrate It With New Gojek Clone Features 2021

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Item name searching
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the ride/tasks
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Calculate fare – 2 methods
  • 18+ Age confirmation
  • Delivery driver with a helper to assist
  • Store/restaurant wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Delivery driver options to cancel orders
  • Graphical status of the rides/orders via in-app notifications

Hiring The Right Gojek Clone App Company

Buy only White-labeled Gojek Clone Script from a reputed App Development Company. They have a skilled team working on the state-of-the-art infrastructure. With years of experience with worldwide clients, the company has launched hundreds of app in the Play Store/ App Store.

The ready-made Gojek Clone is developed on the latest technology that makes it scalable for you to expand and grow. The app is designed is with the latest UI/UX that offers pleasant browsing and navigation to your users.

Thus, when your customers are happy they are going to stick to your Gojek Clone App. This way regardless of COVID19, the app brings you profits. Apart from this, also check other similar apps like Deliver All and DeliveryKing which are Ready-to-use app solutions that enable you to start a business immediately without the need to break the bank.

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