Good Food Can be Motivation for Good Education

School, the place for basic education, children must be enrolled in school either by choice or by force that’s their reality because without the basic 12 years of education they will go nowhere and be spoiled.

It is seen that most of the children then start making excuses in not going to school and they eventually turn to bad company and soon it becomes too late for parents to put them back on the right path, but is there a way to motivate them to go to school and not throw a tantrum about it.

Yes there is a way and it’s quite delicious and that’s the food that the children eat.

Role of parents

No matter the type of school all of them feel like cages to children, whether it’s a day boarding school where they have to stay away from home for the entire year or a residential school where they can at least return home every day.

The only time they feel relaxed is when there is lunch time and that’s what motivates them to study to actually try paying some attention in class, but even the food in some canteens doesn’t taste good or to be worst there is no canteen in school. Here’s what the parents can do.

Daily Tiffin: – Whether a good canteen or not, Tiffin or lunch boxes make the children feel like they are carrying home with them, besides the look of the Tiffin, it’s what’s inside that matters the most, if their favorite dish is in there they will patiently wait for lunch time and psychology pay more attention in class to make the time till lunch fly.

Mothers can also keep it a surprise sometimes as to what they have made for lunch as this will keep them guessing and it will also be a fun experience.

If their kid is in boarding school they can at least send a big bag of home food at least once in a month because children can also feel homesick.

Help the school canteen: – Parents can also donate some funds to help the schools make a good canteen or fix the condition of the existing ones; this generally applies to small scale or government schools as their condition is still worse, other than their own kid’s school they can also help other schools.

Role of schools and teachers

The canteen: – The food in the canteen must be fresh and of variety, especially in boarding schools, where sending daily Tiffin is an impossible task, keeping a variety of good food will keep the children coming back to school daily.

Small breaks: – Other than the big lunch break; the children should also be given a small break between classes where they can relax and have a homemade snack or go to the canteen and get a packet of biscuit, this will refresh them for the next class.

Teach food: – This comes under creative classrooms, the teachers can teach the students qualities of good food and relate it to the lesson about sharing, if the children know something interesting about their favorite thing that is lunch, they will be motivated to know more.

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