Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing – Which method should I choose to make money?

What is Google Adsense? Are you placing ads on your website through the advertising system of Google Adsense. You will have income based on each ad click or per 1000 ad impressions (Usually click).

What is affiliate marketing? You have a website but will make money with affiliate marketing, promote products/services & get commission per action (Usually orders)

Earning potential? There is no limit, the more your blog grows, the more likely it is to earn a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars per month, but the potential affiliate is still better.

Why do many people do? Both forms do not require you too much capital, free time & workspace, without any constraints.

Which form should I choose? Depending on your content type, you will choose the right form of income generation. I choose affiliate marketing. This article will explain why I have such a choice.

Your blog content will influence your choice of form

There are many different forms of monetization on the blog that you can do, it also depends on your ability, knowledge, and ability to develop.

So the decision you decide to share on the blog will affect a lot in choosing the form of affiliate or AdSense to make money.

For example:

I am in need of learning more about win 10 information when surfing Facebook I was accidentally proposed to a blog that also shares this topic.

This type of content is very difficult for you to deploy affiliate marketing campaigns, because there are almost no related products/services, at this time it is only suitable for placing banner ads from the Google Adsense program.

But when I share skincare related content, this time it is suitable for affiliate marketing because this is a topic with many different products and suppliers.

In short, your content intended to be deployed on your blog will more or less affect which form of Adsense & affiliate you will choose between.

Become an “expert” in the field of sharing on the blog?

If you have in-depth knowledge in the field that you share, it is an advantage to help you get a very stable income.

For example, if you have long-term knowledge of online business, you can share experiences, tips, and tutorials in this field.

But if you are a newbie and still want to deploy content that you have never done, you can start learning from those who went before, learning and working in the long term will gain experience and the content will be better each time day.

Any pro has started as a newbie

Here is a checklist that you can refer to for better writing skills:

  • Determine the topic to do
  • Find at least 1 niche to go and focus on at first
  • Learn how to write standard SEO content but should not be too mechanical, so put your position in the reader, you will know what visitors will need in the content you share.
  • Find at least 2-3 people with experience in the niche, follow them regularly to update information, and learn more knowledge from them.
  • List out 5-6 competitors, follow them to see what they did well and what not so well so you can make up for their current shortcomings.
  • Learn more skills about building social brands, running ads
  • … much more but with a newbie, you just do well with these first.

Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing helps me earn more.

Making a lot of money or not depends on the skills & experience of each person. But I personally appreciate the affiliate marketing model more.

Because of:

  • Ads on browsers are being blocked more and more. Users know how to turn on ad-blocking features.
  • The affiliate marketing model is more powerful than the advertising model

I also do all kinds of MMO forms, including AdSense or affiliate marketing. However, working with Google Adsense does not bring me MANY OPPORTUNITIES & SKILLS by the affiliate marketing model.

So I stopped doing AdSense many years ago. As for affiliate marketing, I have been pursuing it until now.

The affiliate marketing model gives me a lot of skills about:

  • Website design
  • UX / UI optimization
  • Content skills
  • Ability to research and understand user insights
  • SEO optimization
  • Run ads
  • … And most importantly, my personal branding grew rapidly.

Since then, I have many opportunities to cooperate with related products, banner placement services, article placement … on the blog. If I like, I can sign up for more Google Adsense, but the money from Adsense is not so much with the affiliate.

For example, only a small affiliate model can bring me a steady monthly income. While it is very difficult to earn each of this income with Google Adsense.

Of course, there are many pros who make very good AdSense. However, if you compare the chart earned from the affiliate marketing model, AdSense is decreasing & affiliate marketing is increasing (Please research international sources by yourself).

Should both forms be combined in 1 blog or not?

It is undeniable that Google Adsense is a form of making money online with a very prestigious, potential website ever. However, the affiliate marketing stands out more later on.

The proportion of famous bloggers choosing affiliate marketing more is a certainty. As for general news sites, the guide pages will still choose Adsense because of their specific content.

So should we combine both models in one blog? The answer is: How does it depend on your content?

  • Your content is a guide, you can combine both 2. Because of course, you teach a problem that often has products attached, you can attach affiliate links for readers to click through. your link & purchase.
  • Your content is news-oriented, you should only do Adsense: Because news attracts a lot of visitors, but very few products to promote.
  • If you are building a personal brand with a blog, you should only choose affiliate marketing: Because the fact that you add ads does not help you earn much money. You should focus on building quality content and enhancing yourself. From there, you introduce something that will be welcomed by the community.

For example, famous bloggers about Digital Marketing choose KTcity to be an affiliate. Because on this platform there are many quality courses on MMO, online business.


Making money with Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing are both reputable and long-term forms of making money online. If you have a good mindset and a proper development strategy, these 2 forms are all gold mines for you to exploit.

So if possible, you should combine both forms, and whether or not you can earn a lot depends on your skills, experience, and efforts.

I myself am still an affiliate and have never intended to return to the job of placing banner ads on my blog because the potential that affiliate brings to me is many times greater.

Wish you make a lot of $ with both forms, if there are any questions you can leave below the article comments, I will help you.

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