Graphic Art and Your Career

A discipline of fine art, graphic art encompasses a wide range of visible visual artistic expression, usually two-dimensional, typically on a flat surface, which has no consideration to the surroundings or intended audience. The term “graphic” is used to designate an art form that employs many different types of visual art media and employs inventive or surprising methods of presentation. Generally, the term graphic is used to refer to contemporary works of art that contain recognizable visual elements such as: unique shapes, colors, forms, and patterns, unusual or stylized imagery, and distinctive visual aspects which are expressed with a style of art that differs from other artistic forms. While this art form was once considered a simpler version of a painting or sculpture, it has since developed over time, and there is a lot of contemporary artwork which is considered to be part of the graphic art genre.

In addition to painting and sculpture, graphic art includes many different types of images like illustrations, photographic works, computer graphics, and films. In the past, the term fine art was used to describe artworks created for commercial purposes, whereas graphic art was a more generic term that applied to any art work with distinct visual elements. Today, the term graphic art has become much broader due to the development of various art mediums and artistic styles. In the past, the term fine art was widely used to describe artworks that were highly decorative and highly produced in scale compared to other types of artwork.

Graphic design is a field of study which focuses on the use of graphic communication arts to promote awareness of social issues and the environment. The most common areas of focus of graphic designers include environmental graphic design, industrial graphic design, and advertising graphic design. Environmental graphic design focuses on the creation of an environmental-themed artwork that highlights pollution, environmental issues, or the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. Industrial graphic design deals with the production of products for industrial, technological, and marketing industries. Advert graphic design is used to promote new products, designs, and themes. These artists also create children’s book illustrations and murals.

Motion Graphics is a unique area of study, as it includes every element of graphic art. Motion graphics refer to the use of video and film to illustrate how people, objects, and animals interact. Motion graphics are popular in the film and television industry and have since evolved into complex computer animation. Film makers can utilize a variety of motion graphics, from busy scenes in a movie to background scenery. For the film and television industry, motion graphics help establish the pacing of a scene, as well as the time the characters in the film may be in the scene.

A graphic artist may choose to pursue either fine art or graphic design. Most graphic artists start out making illustrations and small drawings. As their skills and talents progress, they may branch out into painting, sketching, photography, collage, and more. Although some graphic artists work only in one particular field, others continue to develop their skills, expand their imagination, and explore new avenues.

Some graphic designers start out working in the advertising and marketing departments of companies such as Apple Computer, Microsoft, Quaker Oven, Unilever, General Mills, and others. The jobs that these graphic designers hold typically require them to design logos, posters, packaging, TV commercials, and other promotional materials. Some graphic designers specialize in computer animated graphics (CAD). With so many different possibilities for jobs, it’s no wonder that there are graphic designers across the country.

Graphic designers can be found in a wide range of industries, including magazines, newspapers, advertising, film, television, and more. Some designers work for a single company and others work for several different ones. The industries that employ graphic designers range from web designers to advertising agencies to manufacturers. Some graphic designers work as freelancers, building a portfolio of their own works. Others work in a larger, reputable company where they are hired to create logos, artwork, and other materials for their clients.

When pursuing a career in graphic design, you must learn about different skills that you need to master. One skill that you need to master is visualization. You must be able to visualize your final product and how it will look on your target audience’s monitor, and on your paper. Another skill that you need to master is visual identity graphic design. This skill is used to make sure that your graphic design is not only attractive, but also appropriate for the type of materials that you are using.

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