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Ever since the last decade, ride-hailing, carpooling, and other online taxi booking methods have gained great momentum with a huge user base. It all started with the mission of Uber to make the aspect of commuting and travelling a straightforward procedure for everyone if you want to successfully begin or optimize your taxi business via a ride-hailing mobile app solution focus on how you can make things simplified for your user base when they try to use your app and its features for booking cabs.

We will speak in detail regarding the best business model, along with the necessary features that are mandatory to be integrated with a taxi booking app solution.

Business and Revenue Model:

When we speak about standardizing a business model, it is often associated with the medium of the key player. Irrespective of that the main role is to take up the responsibility of a cab aggregator very much similar to Uber’s approach. With the help of the ride-hailing app, the given user’s ride request must be integrated with the taxi cab owners/ operators. Speaking about the income, it is obtained from the taxi owners/ operators when they finish taking care of the service via the application. When a ride is finished, a given fixed percentage of the commission must be given to the aggregator.

Features and Functionalities:

When developing the Uber clone solution, you must prioritize the needs of your target audience to offer great customization for the app of yours. Ascertain to include the features and functionalities that made Uber achieve stardom over the years. This way, you are ensuring that you are satiating the needs of the user. Also, you should add innovation to come up with exceptional features that will set your taxi booking software apart from the other contenders.

Rich and effective UI/UX:

Once the user opens the app, they should be easily guided on how to use the application to book rides. Also, don’t forget to give importance to the look and feel of the application as they also occupy equal priority in importance similar to the functionalities and features provided.

Fundamental workflow functionalities:

Speaking about the registration process, it can be useful to provide options to login via social media accounts and platforms. Next comes the user profile where important fields like adding, editing and deleting must be integrated, and the same practice must be featured for the driver baser as well. Keep in mind to develop the classification of choosable vehicles based on the type, availability, price and other such specifications. Integrate a Google Map like API so that tracking can be done with relative ease for everyone involved.

Emergency management:

Make sure that rider safety is met via inputting emergency contacts for the user during the registration process so that the user number can be passed on to the driver in case of any unfortunate mishaps. An SOS button will also help in alerting everyone should anything go wrong during the ride.

In-built fare calculator:

This is yet another solution that serves to resolve disputes that arise during the ride-fare related bargains and arguments. You can develop and feature a smart fare calculator that automatically sums up the fare associated with a given ride.

Waiting-time calculator:

Waiting times can also add to the revenue generated during the rides, and earlier this was quite a hindrance which can now be easily sorted out via an automated mechanism which will help in generating the most accurate bill for the ride as related to the standardly recognized charges.

Payment gateway options:

Based on the previous discussions, the business of yours can be taking place in anywhere across the globe. Thereby, it is imperative to feature a robust payment gateway module which encompasses all the big guns when it comes to service providers. This is to ensure that the users don’t have any limitations caused by the location.


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