Healthcare Email Marketing- Best Practices for Doctors

Doctors work hard to gain the trust of their patients. While the goal is to keep people healthy, you also want to stay in touch with your patients if they need you. Consequently, healthcare email marketing can help ensure that you are their first choice. Using email to initiate a conversation allows you to stay in touch with your patients. Furthermore, it builds long-lasting relationships and stays top of mind.

Healthcare email marketing divides into acquisition (getting new patients) and retention (keeping existing patients and turning them into regular patients). While, acquisition strategies frequently rely on advertising, online reviews, promotions, and social media. When you get a new patient, you work hard to earn their trust. In addition, you provide them with a positive experience.

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel for doctors. It establishes long-term relationships with their patients. After their initial experience, it allows them to stay in touch with them. This healthcare email marketing guide intends to help you get the most out of email marketing.

Why do doctors need healthcare email marketing?

Email is a one-of-a-kind marketing channel. With an email marketing server, you have complete control over the message. It’s a mutual relationship that allows you both to develop a stronger bond.

You should only see your patients a few times a year, if at all. When you see them, you establish a rapport that makes them feel at ease. You can extend that trust throughout the year by using email marketing servers.

Email marketing servers are highly beneficial and cost-effective. Subsequently, the average open rate for healthcare emails is 23.46 percent, with a CTR of 3.62 percent. It has one of the highest available rates of any industry!

It demonstrates that patients interact with health care emails more than in other industries.

How do doctors win with successful email marketing?

Retention king:  Your practice’s survival depends on your ability to persuade patients that you are the best choice and keep that trust to visit. Email marketing outperforms all other channels to attract and retain customers. You can, however, obtain email marketing servers from Navicosoft to run the most effective email marketing campaigns.

Speak to your patients directly: Email communication allows you to communicate directly with your patients. You can send emails to people based on their interests, medical conditions, and so on.

Improve your social media presence: Your Facebook page’s organic reach declines while ad costs rise. Social media is still essential, but you can significantly enhance it with email marketing. As a result, people are eager to hear from you. 

Email marketing is unquestionably essential for any thriving healthcare provider. So, let’s delve deeper into launching and sustaining a successful email marketing campaign.

After you’ve landed a new patient, email marketing becomes even more critical. Here are three methods for healthcare providers to effectively build their email list with the help of a digital marketing agency for doctors:

Obtain patient emails at the initial appointment.

As previously stated, your top priority is to provide each new patient with an exceptional experience. But, if you like to start building a long-term relationship, you must also remember step two: obtain their email address.

When your new patients fill out paperwork (either digitally or on paper), make sure to include an opt-in section.

By far, the best time to get your health care email campaigns is during the paperwork phase. To increase the likelihood of your patients checking the opt-in box, make it clear what worth your emails will add to their lives.

Include opt-in forms on your website.

Another method for obtaining email addresses is to contact people online. For example, suppose your practice has a blog or uses digital advertising to bring new patients to your website. In that case, you can use your email marketing servers to create embedded forms, pop-ups, or custom landing pages.

You can place forms and pop-ups throughout your site to give people multiple ways to sign up. Please place them in strategic locations that will not disrupt the website’s experience.

So, how do you determine what content is adequate for your subscriber list? First, you can hire a digital marketing agency for doctors to write email content that people notice.

Use social media to increase email signups.

Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest followers are either current or prospective patients who want to hear from you. So why not add them to your email list?

You can include a link to a signup landing page on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. First, build your list with the help of your social media followers. Then, when people sign up for your email list, you have a more direct and efficient mode of communication with them.

How to Use social media to Grow?

  1. Include links to a landing page on your profile pages.
  2. Please use our Facebook integration to include an opt-in form directly on your pages.
  3. Post valuable email content that will direct people to a subscription CTA.

Utilize the three best practices of healthcare email marketing.

The incredible ROI of email is due to its ability to target the right people with a message specifically for them. Before planning your email marketing strategy, make sure you utilize segmentation, server automation, and personalization. Here are the following features:

Subscribers should be segmented and grouped.

Segmentation and group tags divide your subscribers into smaller groups based on a set of criteria. It permits you to send more specific emails. You could, for example, form a group of patients comprised of children. Then, instead of sending out pediatric information to your entire list, you can send it to that specific group. 

Install email marketing servers.

As your email list extends, it becomes more difficult to send emails to each subscriber at the appropriate time manually. Email automation address this issue by allowing you to send emails based on triggers. You can, for example, set spurs to send a patient a yearly appointment reminder and automatically send a welcome email.

Make your emails more unique.

Email can be a very personal communication channel. Even if you’re sending messages to hundreds or even thousands of people, you can make it appear as if you’re speaking to a single person. You can use anything from their first name to their date of birth and even their interests. 

Now for the good stuff – you can also hire a digital marketing agency for doctors to get the best results.


What can be the best practices for healthcare email marketing for doctors to help you win the inbox race? You can share your thinking in the comments below.

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