Healthy eating habits with some lifestyle changes can alleviate your PCOS symptoms & improve your fertility!

Can fertility in women with PCOS improve with proper nutrition? Being a mom is the best gift a woman could get in her life-time. But not all women are naturally blessed with this. PCOS is a common health condition women face today. The prevalence of infertility in women with PCOS is between 70-80%. PCOS causes hormone levels to become irregular, making it hard for women to become pregnant. It also increases the risk of miscarriage. Treatment for PCOS usually starts with lifestyle changes like weight loss (5-10%), diet, exercise & avoiding smoking & alcohol. Diet to alleviate PCOS: • Choose High Quality, High Fiber Carbohydrates and have a Balanced Diet • Follow a Regular & Consistent Meal Timing • Do not skip meals. Eat smaller, more frequent meals • Choose Nutrient-Rich Food, High in Vitamins-Minerals( Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Iodine, Selenium, and Magnesium). • Vegan diets are vitamin- and mineral-rich whole foods, which alleviates PCOS symptoms • People who suffer from inflammation can follow dairy-free, gluten-free, or soy-free PCOS diets. Our dietitians and nutritionists at GarbhaGudi IVF ensure you are eating a nutritionally sound diet to reduce weight and manage PCOS symptoms. For more information: Visit: Call: 8880000909 Email: 

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