Here’s How Netflix Uses Data Science



Netflix is a pay-per-view streaming service that enables users to watch movies and TV shows free of commercials. One of the factors contributing to Netflix’s appeal is the method.

Data Science is employed by Netflix to enhance its streaming platform services. So, if you’re interested in learning how Netflix applies data science, read on. 

In this article, I’ll explain how Netflix leverages data science as a streaming platform.

Here’s How Netflix Uses Data Science

Here are a few ways Netflix employs data science to enhance its streaming offerings.

  • Recommending TV Shows and Movies


You can watch movies and TV shows on Netflix based on recommendations that are made for you based on your interests. Because of its large user base, Netflix has a lot of data. Based on these and other considerations, its recommendation engine generates a customized catalog for you.


  • Your viewing history
  • Other users’ viewing histories who share your tastes and preferences
  • Genres, categories, descriptions, and more information about the past content you watched
  • The time you are watching.
  • The device on which you are watching.
  • The amount of time you spent watching the types of media you did previously.


The elements mentioned above all assist Netflix in making more content recommendations. Additionally, if the user is brand-new, Netflix will suggest popular content based on the genres they choose when signing up.

  • Content Analytics


In order to gauge the success of all of its programs and films, Netflix conducts content analysis. Netflix learns what kinds of content are popular and draws in more viewers by analyzing its existing range. Increased revenue is beneficial for Netflix.


Analysis of content also aids in understanding user entertainment preferences, viewing patterns of new users, monthly subscription renewal patterns, and viewing habits of users who have abandoned Netflix.

It aids Netflix in determining what types of actors, stories, genres, and categories should expand on the streaming service to attract more subscribers. For further information on analytics techniques, refer to the data science course in Canada, and upskill yourself. 

  • Network Quality Analysis


You may have seen that videos on the internet frequently stop working when the network quality is poor. Most of the time, it doesn’t occur when watching any Netflix television program or film.


To determine the optimal streaming quality for its users, Netflix examines the network quality of its customers. Each movie and TV show on Netflix is available in various video-quality files. Your network’s performance affects how Netflix delivers content.


This implies that every time a user watches a video, Netflix evaluates the network quality in the user’s device and chooses the optimal streaming quality that can play consistently on the user’s device, even if the network is weak.




In order to enhance its streaming services, Netflix uses data science in the following ways:


  1. Netflix’s recommendation engine suggests movies and TV shows for you using your interests as a guide, 
  2. In order to better understand user entertainment preferences, viewing patterns among new users, monthly subscription renewal patterns, and viewing patterns among users who have stopped watching Netflix content, Netflix performs the content analysis.
  3. Despite a poor network, Netflix analyzes the user’s device’s network quality and chooses the best streaming quality that will work consistently on it.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Netflix’s use of data science. This field is growing rapidly and so are the career opportunities. So enroll yourself in data science certification course in Canada and learn the in-demand tech skills to stay ahead of the competition. 


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