Here’s How to Unpack Your House in Less than a Day

Most homeowners take the help of professional Western Sydney furniture Movers to lift those heavy furniture pieces safely to the loading truck. Furniture is too expensive to be broken or damaged on the way to your new location.

Moving is a task that should be left to professional furniture removalists in Newcastle. But what about unpacking? Once your household items arrive at your new home, you will have to unpack everything carefully. The most common question people ask when it comes to unpacking is, “is it possible to unpack the entire house in less than a day?” Let’s see how you can unpack quickly and efficiently.

Pack Efficiently

How fast you can unpack your house depends on how efficiently you pack your household items. Start with creating a list of items that must be packed and select a room. It’s easy to pack your house by room. You can start with bedrooms and then pack your toiletries at last. You must also keep a separate bag for the essentials — items you will need for the first few days after your move.

Never stuff everything into one large container. Choose different colors of boxes for each room and pack similar items together. Once you are done with the packing, label each box so that you know which container has which category of items.

Arrange the Furniture

Re-arranging the furniture in a new house is the most tedious and time-consuming task. It gets even more challenging when your furniture doesn’t fit the room it was purchased for. Let’s say you bought a sofa for your bedroom, but it’s too large to fit through the narrow staircase.

The good news is Hamilton furniture movers can disassemble the furniture to move it through small spaces. Arranging your furniture is not a big deal given that you take the help of professional movers. It will be easier to arrange your furniture with a layout plan in place. Decide which piece should go in which room before moving.

Start with Large Items

A simple rule for quick and efficient unpacking is to start with large items. For example, you should unpack your home office before moving on to the closet and other small accessories. For a home office, arrange the desk and chairs first. Take out only the items you need to get your home office up and running. This includes the internet set-up, office accessories, and furniture, Leave awards and certificates in their respective boxes for now. You can place them once you are done with the rest of the house.

Unpack the Essentials First

After your home office, unpack the kitchen and toilet. Then again, you don’t have to unpack the entire kitchen at once. Start with the items you can’t do without. Unpack the large appliances and a few serving platters. Unpack your bathroom next. Likewise, you can unpack your rooms based on your priorities, leaving the living room, attic, patios, front yard, and other less important areas for last.

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