Highlighting the Qualities of the Best Off Road LED Light Bars

Auxiliary vehicle lighting takes on many forms, and among them are off road LED light bars. Different from most other types of auxiliary lighting, LEDs come with a number of benefits that make them more amenable to most drivers over HID, halogen and incandescent lamps.

These are on top of the obvious, which are longer lifespan and lower electrical draw. While these remain true and are common enough reasons that some drivers upgrade their vehicles with super bright LEDs, the off road LED light bars available at Diode Dynamics take function to a new level. Here are some of the advantages they offer over the competition.

1. Brighter, better focused, less glare

The LED Light Bars available at Diode Dynamics use technology called TIR or Total Internal Reflection in their optics. This stands in sharp contrast to the common practice of using a cupped reflector bowl with the LED chip to focus the light output.

The reason for this change is because cupped reflectors scatter and waste a lot of light, also producing a surplus of glare. The problem with some LEDs is the fact that even though they can be made brighter, a lot of this light will be lost to glare and scattering. With Diode Dynamics TIR optics, however, you don’t need to worry about that.

Their LED light bars appear brighter and are better focused than other equivalently rated LED light bars, to the effect that their single row stage series light bars appear brighter than triple row models from competitors.

2. Easy to mount, no modding, drilling or cutting required

One thing that keeps a lot of prospective buyers away from high quality LEDs and work lights is the aggravation that comes along with needing to mount them. Some vehicle owners no doubt are used to having to modify their vehicles to accept the lights in question.

Diode Dynamics produces mounting brackets and hardware that are specially designed for their light bars, and some of them are especially designed for specific vehicles as well. Those that are, are CAD designed for a perfect fitment on a given car, truck or Jeep, without requiring any cutting, drilling or other modification.

3. More reliable

There is also the simple fact that their light bars, which are available with spot beams, flood beams, driving patterns and more, are more reliable. They light up immediately and are reliable through a wide range of extreme temperatures. Actually, their LEDs are reliable through temperatures as extreme as -40 Fahrenheit all the way up through 185.

4. Just plain old tougher

In addition to the fact that their LED light bars are couched in a tough aluminum housing, they are also very tough. The LEDs themselves are not only resistant to corrosion, they are also resistant to moisture intrusion and perhaps most importantly to vibration. Some lights will go out with so much as a jostle, but not the LEDs from Diode Dynamics.

Have you read enough? Are you ready to get onto a new set of LED off road lights that’s just simply better than what you’ve become used to? Or, are you still unsure and needing a little more inside information before you proceed?

Either way, the next step of your journey is going to be to visit DiodeDynamics.com. There you can read up on the various different light bars they sell, as well as their other products, and see what their customers are saying. You can also get in touch with a member of their team at 314-205-3033 to ask them any questions you have remaining. Whether you know it or not, there’s nothing but better, brighter lights in your future.

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