Hinges for kitchen and other compartments

Hinges for kitchen and other compartments. The market for kitchen hinges is growing rapidly. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of hinges available in the market. They come with different features and have been designed to suit different needs.

Different types of hinges include:

  • Ball bearing hinge
  • Overlay hinge
  • Piano hinge
  • Strap hinge
  • Concealed hinge
  • Barrel hinge
  • Butt hinge and many more

The functionality of each of these hinges is different and hence not every hinge is ideal for every door or door frame. When designing a kitchen or a wardrobe, great care must be taken that the right type of hinges are used to ensure that the doors open and close smoothly.

Hinges ideal for kitchen and wardrobes

Some of the most common types of hinges are auto hinges, hydraulic Hinges, soft close hinges, concealed hinges, clip-on hinges, and so forth that can be used to meet the requirements of varied needs. These hinges can be used for the designing of a kitchen in combination with modular kitchen fittings and can be utilized for the doors of kitchen cabinets. Whether an in and out mechanism or pull-down that is used in a door, these hinges can be fitted depending on where they are used. The soft close hinges are designed to avoid the cabinet door from crashing or banging into the frame and provide smooth opening and closing of the door. Similarly, auto hinges are also used for doors that open outwards and need to be opened on a regular basis. They are fitted on the door frame or door itself and can be adjusted to fit any size of the door.  Hydraulic Hinges provide optimum support for doors that need to be opened often as they require minimal effort from the person opening them.  Soft close Hinges allow you to adjust how fast or slow they close which is ideal if you don’t want your kids to have their fingers slammed against the closing doors.

The soft close hinges work on a hydraulic mechanism so that whatever be the amount of force applied when closing a door, it does not slam thereby aiding in the soft and gentle closing. These concealed hinges also enhance the aesthetic appeal as they do not pop up on the surface of the door or door frame and are fitting within the cabinets.

With these soft close hinges, you can also be assured of staying away from the irritating creaking and squeaking sounds whenever a door is opened or closed. These door hinges are an ideal choice both for kitchen cabinet doors as well as wardrobe doors.

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