HIV Viraday Tablet – Uses, How to take, Side effects,and Alternate

It is a prescription medicine that is manufactured by Cipla. It is a combination of antiretrovirals medicines. It is prescribed to treat HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. It boosts the immunity to fight against HIV to manage or treat AIDS.


HIV infection

How to take it?

It should be taken exactly as prescribed.

It is taken on an empty stomach.

It should be swallowed whole.

It should not be crushed or chewed.

Side Effects

Tablet has some common side effects, which will go away after some time as your body gets used to it. Ask your doctor about possible side effects when the doctor prescribed this tablet. You should also know which are common side effects and which are serious. When you start taking tablets, tell your doctor any allergic reactions to medicine. You have to continue your medicine even you feel better. Do not stop taking medicine until your doctor tells you to stop. Here are some side effects include:


Some Important Tips with Viraday Tablet

It can be risky to use medicine while pregnant.

If you are an alcoholic, then consult a doctor once before taking medicine.

It should be taken at same every day. If you have any questions related to the tablet, talk to your doctor.

Taking medicine daily on time is can be difficult due to a busy schedule. So Use alarm or time reminder apps that can help you to take medicines on time.

You may need to regular visit to the hospital to monitor the virus in your blood.

Do not drive after taking viraday tablet. You may feel sleepy or dizzy.

What is HIV?

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It attacks certain cells to fight off infections and illnesses. It makes weaken a person’s immune system. Untreated HIV can lead to the disease AIDS.

HIV is not spread by

Casual contact like (Kissing, Touching)

Share a glass of water.

HIV is spread by

HIV can spread through contact with certain body fluids:

Blood, semen (cum), Vaginal Fluids, and Breast milk

Do not have sex with someone who has HIV.

It can be spread through sharing needles.

Untreated HIV can pass from mother to child during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

HIV Prevention

It is important to use condoms every time while having sex.

You can take Pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) tablet to prevent HIV. In addition, it reduces the risk of getting HIV. It is used after prescribed by the doctor.

There is no risk through oral sex. However, it is possible, If HIV positive man ejaculates in his partner’s mouth. Still, risk is low than anal or vaginal sex.


Here are some medicines alternate include:

Vonavir Tablets

Brand Name: Vonavir
Manufactured By: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

Forstavir-3 Tablets

Brand Name: Forstavir-3 Tablets
Manufactured By: Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

Forstavir-3 Tablets

Brand Name: Trustiva
Manufactured By: Hetero Healthcare Ltd

Teevir Tablet

Brand name: Teevir
Manufactured By: Mylan Pharmaceuticals

You can buy viraday tablet from an online pharmacy. But, If you want to change your medicine for any reason, you can buy another alternative after being prescribed by the doctor.

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