Home Decor Color Trends 2021

Everyone wants to make their home look modern, stylish and beautiful. We simply adore trendy interiors and bespoke home furnishings. We have spent so time at home while staying indoors during the pandemic, you must have noticed paints cropping up in the living room, crumbling paint on your bedrooms wall, or other little details. These things cannot be ignored by anyone and isn’t its disturbing as well? We cannot overlook these facts of our homes.

A new coat of trending colors in our homes in this year is the perfect way of getting your home a makeover and brings in some much needed happiness.  Since we are spending all time at home, it’s easy to spare some time for our home and give it a new look.

Let’s explore latest color trends for relaxing and trendy interiors –

Sunshine Yellow –

As per the interior designers and paint industry, Pantone is the color of the year. Pantone’s pick for 2021, illuminating is a lovely color, spreading positivity, and strength. Get your home a makeover in sunny hues. A natural calming color is a need of an hour which will bring in some positive and relaxed vibes in urban chaos. Combine soft yellows with pretty blues, grays and earthy tones. You can layer up your yellow painted room with colored furniture, bright pillows, green plants, and antique home accessories. Hints of red combined with gray and yellow will give a lot of warmth to the room.

Bold Colors –

A mix of bold contrasting color combinations with a pop of muted colors will create an energizing and cozy space. Create a lively and fun loving look of your home by choosing bright red with a pop of blue, mixed up with light pink. Choosing one or two bright colors along with the neutral shades will do wonders. The combination of vibrant and bold colors with neutral shades will create stunning design. Introduce bold colors in your home decor by incorporating them through bright colored sofa or curtains or furnishings while keeping the walls and paint in neutral shades.

Jewel Tones –

Jewel tones color palette comprises of colors of gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Jewel tones are eye catching; they have a high level of color diffusion, which makes them lively and vibrant. Tones of magenta, fuchsia, raspberry, soft roses are all time favorite interior design choice. Try to incorporate jewel tones in your home décor through floral wallpaper, some hint of golden in your home accessories, class furniture, curtains, pillows, fresh flowers, artworks,  soft furnishings, rugs, and throws. These will luxe up your whole interior setup. Adding tones of bright colors such as red ruby, fuchsia pink, tangerine orange will certainly add vibrancy in your home décor. Bolder tones brighten up the whole outlook. So, just make your home more interesting and dazzling with jewel tones.

Neutrals –

For a richer palette, we have shades of bright jewel tones and for a calming or comfortable palette, we have Pantone. Now, it is the time of balancing our space with neutral shades. Warm neutral shades never go out of trend and so they are in the year 2021 with Urban Bronze as a color of the year 2021. Adding neutral color palette in your home décor will bring simple yet elegant hues and therefore brings a tranquil environment. Combining shades of warm whites and light brown are best way to rejuvenate your home. Soothing neutral colors are ultimate options for getting a home mix of comfort and security.

Earthy Tones –

Shades of optimism i.e. earth based colors are happy colors which brighten up the space. Earthy shades such as blues, pastels, and powdery shades bring a sense of creativity and positivity in the home décor. Soft, gentle earthy hues are the perfect way to balance and harmonise your bright colors. You can make your accent wall in pastel shades or can add furniture in blues while keeping plain warm white walls.

Shades of Green –

2021 is all about natural calming colors inspired by nature which will bring some freshness and positivity. Color trend of 2021 is aimed to bring happiness, joy and comfort. How can we forget to add colors inspired by nature which express a sense of comfort. Try to incorporate shades of green, rich browns and deep blue’s in your furniture. Introduce natural tones of wood in your furniture and create an earthy space. Add floral wallpapers, fresh flowers, fresh green plants to create more comforting space and a sense of peace in your home. Using colors inspired by nature are extremely gratifying. These colors bring subtle and soothing look. Combining shades of green with white can keep the space light and airy.

Do not just focus on painting your whole home by following color trends of the year 2021. Instead, try to introduce colors by combining them with your fabric and furniture. You may also take furniture packages, they will take care of your taste and latest color trends and provide you with best output.

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