Hospital Website Design Best Practices, And Internet Marketing Tips For Doctors

Your website is the first impression of your hospital, and you surely don’t want to ruin your hospital’s first impression. Your hospital’s ability to attract new patients is mainly dependent on the quality of the hospital’s website. A survey conducted in the United States reported 76% of prospective patients to search online to select a healthcare provider. 

Suppose you are newly creating a website design for your hospital or considering re-optimizing a pre-existing structure. In that case, the below four tips will help you create a unique hospital website design that will help convert visitors to your hospital’s patients.

  • Educate your patients, don’t confuse them

While it seems like your website conveys a high degree of expertise by providing increased technical explanations of every condition and procedure, but it is the other way around. Most hospital website visitors visiting your hospital’s website do not have a medical degree; they will never understand the medical terms written medically, so it is essential to ensure that all the information on your website is communicated in simple, digestible terms.

  • Load your website with Video contents

Conversion rate increases by as much as 80% by including a video on the website’s landing page website visitors as per the recent Forbes Article. In a survey, 90% of online users have said that the video of the practice area and how a hospital helps their patients recover helps the potential patients decide to choose a healthcare provider. 

Types of videos that should be included in the hospital website design:

  • Patients testimonials
  • Facility tours
  • Treatment explainer videos
  • Interviews and profile of hospital physicians and specialists
  • Easy navigation for the visitors

Typically visitors leave the websites after 10 to 20 seconds which means, your website has just 10-20 seconds to convey the value proposition and thus convince the visitors to stay. If your website design is confusing and it is very tough for visitors to find what they came searching for, the visitors will leave your website and head elsewhere.

Here are a few elements that should be considered while making a Hospital website design to help reduce confusion and keep visitors leaving your website out of frustration.

  • The clear and understandable headline and sub-headers make it simple to scan the page in a fraction of seconds.
  • Placement of Call-to-action buttons
  • Intuitive and clearly labeled navigation bars
  • Primary contact and business listing information if the visitor wishes to get in touch with you

Internet Marketing Tips For Doctors

The world is on the internet, and as a Doctor, you should be too. However, digital marketing for doctors and medical professionals can be complicated. It takes a lot of time and effort to show your potential patients that you are trustworthy and help them solve their medical issues.

Here are the tips that will help you create a solid marketing strategy

  • Google yourself

Most ensure patients come to a doctor by referral, but every patient referred to you can search and gather information about you on the internet.

About a third of patients search for and check out doctor’s reputations online (article source Leah Fraleigh the lead digital marketing strategist). So you surely want to build a good reputation in the eyes of your potential patients when they search for you on Google.

Google yourself to see what others see about you on the internet. This will give you an idea about where to start when creating your digital strategy. 

  • Be more active on social media.

If you are not, start posting regularly on social media. Many doctors underestimate the power of social media and choose not to be active. Remember, in the end; people will search for you and see your reputation on the internet. 

You can post about your area of practice, industry-specific articles, and everything related to your business and puts you on the map. You can check more details on this website.

  • Focus on reviews on social media

Reviews are a vital tool that helps a potential patient decide whether to book an appointment or not. Ask your existing patients to post a review about you. The positive reviews will help you immensely.

To conclude –

As the competition increases every day, only those who survive, who are doing something extra and unique to stand out from others, reach out to a Hospital website design expert now.

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