Hot Night Dress for Honeymoon And Other Essentials for The Same!

Honeymoon might be a week or a two’ affair, but it’s not just any other vacay or a getaway. This is a once in a lifetime experience and you both will try to give it all your efforts to make it the best experience for your better half.

Here is a list of things ladies you cannot afford to forget.

Scented Candles

Does not matter how romantic your honeymoon destination is or how splendid your hotel room is, a little effort from your side will make those nights more romantic. Light in some scented candles in the hotel room when he is out for something. The soothing smell and those twinkling lights will definitely enhance the sensuality of the nights.

Contraceptive Pills

Just in case, in the heat of the moment if some unforeseen or unplanned things happen or slip in, having these pills handy will save you the stress and him the efforts of searching for a medical.

Lingerie Add-Ons

You definitely will pack a good amount of lingerie for your every night, but do not forget to add in some add-ons as well which will enhance the look of your night dress for honeymoon plus size altogether. Stockings, suspenders, matching heels, handcuffs, blindfolds and the list is never-ending.

Skincare and Haircare Products

If you have overpacked, in no way keep your skincare and haircare products aside and plan buying them from the destination you are going to honeymoon, unless you have been there before and aware about the authentic markets there. You can switch from big bottles to small ones, but carry your skincare and haircare products with you.

Lastly, if you are travelling by air to your honeymoon destination, irrespective of the travel duration, buy neck support pillow in India for the two of you for a comfortable air travel.

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