How A Missing Tooth Can Affect Your Health?

It is good to be aware of the havoc that a missing tooth can cause to your overall health. Believe it or not but dental health can impact your physical health and that too quite severely. So without taking any risks you must search as a dental surgeon near me and get your teeth checked. This will help in preventing any serious diseases or even the mild ones to stay at bay. Moreover, you can smile with all the glee!

Let us now take a look at the effects of a missing tooth and also the subsequent treatment that will help to prohibit them.

Effects of Tooth Loss:

  • Gum diseases are common and are far from the knowledge of all. Missing tooth leave behind an empty gum area that stays tender and causes pain. Over time, bacteria begin to breed from the remnants of the food particles. This leads to periodontitis or gum diseases that can severely affect dental health slowly eating up the gum and causing physical discomfort. 
  • Bleeding and nausea are quite commonly observed when a tooth goes missing. The gap remains soft and tender, and any kind of hard food items can damage it. Consequently, it begins to bleed and makes you feel nauseous and the blood pressure level fluctuates.
  • Difficulty in chewing is again a very common problem witnessed by those who have a missing tooth. When you fail to tear and chew food properly, the digestive system faces difficulty in digesting the food. Thus, indigestion becomes a regular problem accompanied by acidity and unfit physical health. 

Dental Implants – Treatment and Cure for a Missing tooth

Dental implants come off as the best possible measure for a missing tooth. This is a completely trusted way to fill in those gaps that otherwise cause social or personal embarrassment. Moreover, it restores your facial aesthetics, prohibits the jawbone from getting damaged or deformed and gives you the ease while chewing or eating food. Besides, harmful bacteria also do not breed in the tender gum area as the place gets secured with the implant. Thus, getting a dental implant has more than one benefit.

A stitch in time saves nine’ and this is why you must get your teeth checked twice a year. On doing so, you will be pre-warned against any impending dental diseases or what preventions can be taken in case you have a missing tooth. It would also be wise if you learn the dental implant cost in India and get one done if you are suggested to by your dentist. Tip: Take all precautions to save your teeth from falling rather than bearing with the pain of a missing one.

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