How an OJS customization makes it easy to design a website?

OJS provides resolutions for technology publications to expedite the conception and inauguration of intellectuals’ broadcasting. In addition, OJS software supports various institutions like the education sector, research centers, and many academic institutes for publishing their journals online.

OJS services consist of OJS organized hosting and systems, theme, workflow and plugin customization, elementary provision, software up-gradation, training, encoding, journalistic services, OJS 3.x services.

Navicosoft is a leading IT organization providing its superior OJS services for websites to professionals in various fields.

An overview of Custom Open Journal System:

OJS is free software that enables managing and organizing hypothetical periodicals. The PKP public knowledge project generates these journals and is unconfined under the general public license.

Creating designs according to the customer’s demands is known as custom OJS. Customers regarding various entities publish their journals whether they are scientists, professors, or any other related fields. 

Open journal systems develop to enable the expansion of easy access, deep-search of publications. In addition, this system provides a technical structure for demonstrating periodical articles.

It includes a journalistic administration workflow with a deep analysis of articles for submission. People engaging in different roles utilize OJS services like newsletter manager, publishing supervisor, commentator, writer, and reader. In addition, OJS elements provide sustenance for the periodical subscriptions.

What is meant by customization and development of open journal systems?

OJS customization theme includes much more than fascinating illustrations. Instead, it provides a traditional look that signifies the ultimate product.

Best IT companies provide a variety of themes that OJS customization makes it easy a custom modernization of the OJS website. To create OJS theme, hard work is required to get the people’s attraction. Therefore, those OJS themes are preferable, which are vivid, supple, and tempting at a glance.

Open journal system development is the making themes, tailoring workflow, and generating plugins. Developed OJS provides flawless collaborative design and performance for OJS that enhance the publication of the project.

The technical expertise of software delivers expertise, and OJS theme customization makes it easy for services. The teams only focus on providing quality free access in publicizing their journals.

What are different types of custom OJS themes?

Custom open journal system themes and private knowledge project themes are not restricted to graphical illustrations. OJS 3 gives a variety of appealing themes to a range of people, from innovative producers to high-level education institutes. Custom OJS provides three types of themes:

  • Classic Themes:

Classic themes are designs for beginners who are at the first stage of the creation of their journals. These themes provide a vivid, smooth, and attractive look to the users.

  • Modern OJS Themes:

The modern themes are a sensory experience to the users and are founded on bootstrap modulation. These themes use on all types of devices. Furthermore, they are created with accuracy to take the publication to the quality level.

  • Custom themes:

These themes include different designs, layouts, backgrounds, color schemes. OJS customization makes it easy, and these themes can easily edit, deleted, and set according to the need.

How do Custom OJS themes provide benefits to the users?

A custom open journal system provides benefits to various periodical hosting resolutions, investigators, and publishing supervisors. It helps in creating and spreading globally information of the content digitally. OJS themes help in the following ways:


This system is very accessible and easy to operate. Users can simply download the software and mount it on their systems. When software installation is done, OJS maintains the operation of many journals. Moreover, theme customization is effortless. It gives every journal a unique and different look according to the demand. A single editor can easily manage the workflow of journals and websites with the help of software.


One of the essential advantages of the OJS theme is that it cuts down the publishing cost of periodicals. It is pretty cost-efficient software. Unfortunately, it forbids subscribers to take benefits from the OJS journals. 

Periodical’s workflow:

OJS development features are very much practical as they do the tasks step by step before broadcasting the content.


The perfect OJS themes meet all the standards of JATS XML. It gives the journals and articles good readability and articles get noticed by the people.

Disseminating tools:

OJS software allows readers to disseminate content to other databases, enabling the practice.

Content research:

OJS software is designed to optimize search engines while searching for particular content and article. 


OJS provides a secure atmosphere for keeping the content and published articles safe.


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